Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things- Christmas 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things- Christmas 2013

Since Thanksgiving is over, that means that Christmas is on its way and if you're shopping for me this Christmas I've made your shopping a little bit easier. If you recall, on Saturday I posted some weekend sales and today I've decided to share some of my Christmas wishlist items from ASOS, Modcloth, Madewell, Target, Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins and Nordstroms. 
I'd also like to add that I do have access to most American stores online so gift cards are okay and I'm also a fan of supporting local and handmade businesses (Etsy.com). A good rule of thumb is that if it has a cat, fox, owl, narwhal, Domo kun, unicorn, sloth on it or is made of chocolate, I'm going to love it. I also like beauty products that smell like roses or vanilla peppermint. And I could use some more leggings, tights and boots to keep me warm.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

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