Barbie Comforter Set

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
When I was working as a para at my former high school, one of the other paras found out that I could knit and crochet and asked me if I would make her some Barbie doll clothes and accessories for her and her grandchildren. Since I'm always up for a challenge, I accepted and the next day the para came to school with a huge folder full of patterns and a garbage bag filled with yarn. So, I've been doing a LOT of Barbie knitting and crocheting lately.

For my first Barbie project, I made a Barbie Bed Spread and Pillows. My co-worker had already created the pillow shapes and mattress out of some craft form, so all I had to do was crochet. I used Sugar n' Cream Ombres and Prints yarn in Spring Fling and Lavender, an H hook, and the Fashion Doll Bed Spread & Pillows pattern (available for free online). Here's how it turned out:

Since I can't model and pose with the bed myself, here's "Sarah Barbie" testing it out.

I think it turned out beautifully.

What I Wore: 03/25/2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

shirt and watch: Target

butterfly belt: vintage from consignment store
jeans: Lee from Name Brand Clothing
hair clip: Wal-mart from forever ago

So, this isn't exactly the outfit that I wore to work, but it is the outfit that I wore to have dinner at the Thai House in (and boy was it good!).

What I'm Listening to: PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land + links

Saturday, March 26, 2011

PJ Harvey just dropped a new album and I'm loving it. Check out one of the singles above.
I'm also loving this cute Will and Kate cross stitch pattern from Bugs and Stitches by Lupin and this cute DIY Liz Taylor top from the ILovetoCreate blog. Have a nice weekend!

What I Wore: 3/24/2011

Friday, March 25, 2011
cardigan, tights, striped turtle neck: Target
skirt: K-mart
necklace: made by me
bag: Alloy

Apparently, folks aren't used to seeing a lot of bright colored tights at my workplace because I got a LOT of comments about them today. Anyway, today's Fab Finds Under $50 Outfit Inspiration calender called for a playful pencil skirt and the temperatures outside were dropping, so I thought today was the perfect opportunity to try out my bright colored tights.

What I'm Watching and Reading: 3/20/2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011
1) This week I finished reading The Prince by Machiavelli. For some reason I thought this would be a short, fun read, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. For those of you who haven't read it, The Prince is written like a handbook on how to be a good prince/king with many historical references to leaders and civilizations of the past (we're talking pre-1500s). And while a lot of it was interesting to hear about and I have a better understanding of the term "machiavellian," the book was kind of a snooze. I think people interested or working in politics and hardcore history buffs may find this book most enjoyable.

2) This week I also got to see Tangled at the cheap movie theater and it was adorable. Since I grew up in the Disney princess era with Ariel, Jasmine, Belle debuting on the big screen while I was in grade school, I have a soft spot for the Disney princess films and I thought Rapunzel fit right in. My only beef is that I thought Tangled's big duet song "I See the Light" sounded too much like Aladdin's "A Whole New World."

Standing here, it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be

But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world
With you

Did anyone else think that? Maybe I'm just weird.

Anyway, other than that I loved the movie and I wish Disney would reconsider their decision to not make any more Disney Princess movies for awhile (see this and this for more details on that). What about the Princess and the Pea? Or Goldilocks and the Three Bears? I'd watch that movie.

If you haven't seen Disney's Tangled, what are you waiting for!? Check out the trailer and then go see the film.

What I Wore: 03/16/2011

Friday, March 18, 2011
Just another boring work outfit...

shirt, pants and watch: Target
earrings: Ten Thousand Villages
purse: Alloy

I just noticed that I hadn't posted any outfit posts (or anything for that matter) since I started my new job. So far, my days have been filled with training videos and I've followed a few of my co-workers around, but pretty soon I'll be getting down to the nitty-gritty. I took this picture after I got back from my company orientation tour.

Recent Purchases

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
I've been doing some shopping lately, so I thought I'd share some of my recent purchases.

Rose Shell Earrings Ten Thousand Villages $16

I love the unique earnings at Ten Thousand Villages and the fact that they practice fair trade. My latest earrings look just like these but they are white with flecks of violet.


Diva Trench Coat Down East Basics NOW $10

If I knew this coat was going to get down to $10 I would have waited to purchase it! But I love the contrasting turquoise buttons on the leopard print. It has a Betsey Johnson look to it. And it is very light weight and feels like you're wearing a second shirt. Perfect for spring!

Cecile Satchell Alloy $36.90

I've been dieing to get my hands on an Alexa Mulberry bag, but I don't want to shell out the $3000+. This is a decent substitute and I love that it's big enough to hold my lunch and all of my papers from work.

The Beatles- Hello Goodbye (Remastered)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

This song seems to sum up my week. Friday was my last day working as a para at the high school and after school elementary program, because I've accepted a new job as a children's case manager starting on Monday. And while I'll miss the kiddos and staff that I got to work with at my last job, I'm excited to meet my new co-workers and kiddos and find out what my next job is going to be like. Wish me luck <3

Spring 2011 Simplicity Pattern sale

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simplicity 2473, 2360, 2250, 2248, 2337, 2444

Last weekend I stopped into my local Joanne's store and took advantage of their 5 for $10 Simplicity Pattern sale and walked away with 6 new patterns. I get a lot of my sewing inspiration from other bloggers like Adventures in Dressmaking and Green Apples who do a lot more sewing than I do and have made some very beautiful, work friendly dresses (like this, and this, and this). So hopefully in the not-too-distant-future I'll be able to get some fabric and give a few of these babies a whirl.

So what do you think? Pick up any good patterns lately?
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