Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 3, Episode 1

Thursday, October 31, 2013
A.k.a. Punk Rock!

Previously on Project Runway All Stars, we got to meet the new cast of all stars including three past winners (Jeffery, Seth Aaron and Irina), six designers who made it to fashion week (Viktor, Mychael, Melissa, Christopher, Ari and Korto) and two very memorable wild cards (Daniel and Elena). We were also introduced to this seasons new host, Alyssa Milano and new mentor, Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi, and guest judge, Debbie (freakin') Harry.  Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are back as judges, but this time there will be no immunity and no workroom- the designers will be working in the Mood basement instead. 

For their first challenge, the designers got to listen to a track from Debbie Harry's new album and they were asked to create a punk rock look inspired by the music. Let's take a look at the designs:


Mychael's first look was his signature shorty-short dress. The white didn't seem very punk rock but he did include some safety pins to give it some punk edge.

Korto's look created a good shape and had an interesting low back, but it didn't scream punk rock. I'm not sure if she understood what 'punk' looks like.
Irina's dress looked like something out of an Avril Levine video. It's almost gives off the vibe that it's trying too hard.

Daniel's jacket and capris looked polished and well constructed. I'm not sure what he was thinking with the pink stuff around her waist and I'm not sure how this look represented punk rock.
Christopher's look seemed almost post-apocalyptic. I would have liked to have seen his look in the top three rather than Jeffrey's.



I thought Seth Aaron had this challenge in the bag. He made the plaid pants and used a black, white, and red color scheme. On the runway Issac liked his proportions, Georgina liked his jacket and Alyssa said "That was, to me, exactly what the challenge [asked for]." So I was shocked when Georgina said she didn't think this was punk enough and in the end Seth Aaron was just safe.

Seth Aaron
When we're first re-introduced to Jeffrey he confessed that he has been focused on making children's wear and hasn't designed for adults in a year and a half. And as Jeffrey got sewing in the workroom I thought his break from designing for adults showed. So I was very surprised when I saw that Jeffrey ended up on top with Georgina calling it editorial, Alyssa saying she'd wear it, and Issac saying he "expressed himself and regarded us looking at it." Thankfully, Jeffrey was just safe.
Elena stuck to her own aesthetic (but thankfully without the big shoulders) and I felt like the judges would either love it or hate it. Thankfully for Elena, the judges ate it up as Issac called her backwards moto-jacket  "a straight jacket, but in bright, fun colors". Debbie Harry liked it too and when Debbie announced that she'd like to wear the winning look to an up-coming performance, she brought Elena to tears. Elena nabbed her first win. Ever.


Viktor spent his time in the basement hammering grommets into his blazer. On the runway the judges felt that his look was sporty and relaxed, but the look seemed too conformist to be punk. I thought Viktor would be out for his conformist look, but the judges chose to keep him safe.
Melissa admitted that she did not have enough time to finish the dress, but the judges decided that her unfinished dress gave her punk rock looks some personality. Melissa was safe.


Ari had some struggles with trying to find some balance between her own aesthetic and punk. Initially Ari had created a tank top with long pants, but after sleeping on it, Ari returned to the work table and changed the pants to shorts and added the pant legs as sleeves. I thought she'd had a stroke of genius myself! On the runway, Georgina praised Ari on her construction, but the judges decided that the look just wasn't rough enough. In the end, Ari was the first to go home.
Ari South
Initially when I saw the cast list I thought it didn't seem fair that they had brought back past winners and I thought they should have just given the underdogs and chance to win. However, after watching the first episode, it looks like some of the past winners may have let themselves go. Right now I'm cheering for the wild cards- Elena and Daniel, but I'm cheering for Seth Aaron too. I just hope that the winner is someone who hasn't won already.

Did you catch the premier of Project Runway All Stars? Did you agree with the judges decisions? Who are you cheering for this time around? Let me know in the comments below.

What I Wore to London's MCM Comic Con- Fall 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Last weekend I attended London's MCM Comic Con in London which attracts the most comic con attendees in England and I believe it. Outside of the ExCel Centre was packed with crowds of cosplayers and inside was even worse with one of the longest entry lines I've ever seen. After spending 2 hours in line I finally made it to the front of the line and upon entering the convention I was nearly swept away by the waves of cosplayers and other attendees. The biggest highlight was meeting Rob of Cyanide & Happiness who autographed books and prints and created an authentic drawing based off of my chosen topic of knitting and the topic that I randomly selected from a box, fractal boners.

Anyways, I did not dress in cosplay for the convention (although I did bring my kigurumi just in case, but opted not to wear it as I didn't want to get too hot and have to lug around my kigu all through London), but I tried my best to fit in with the crowd.

MCM Comic Con- Fall 2013, London

similar Nordstrom Collection cardigan, £155 / similar Kin by John Lewis v neck shirt / similar Oasis destroyed bootcut jeans / similar Barratts neon crossbody / similar Charlotte Russe red jewelry, £3.10 / similar Miss Selfridge fedora hat, £27 / similar Converse boys green All Star camouflage trainers

Have you ever attended a Comic Con? Let me know in the comments below.

Fall Festivities

Monday, October 28, 2013
Love Sweatshirt: last year from Threadless 
Fox hat: last year from Target
Teal jeans: old Urban Outfitters

This month I finally accepted that Fall is here and I started making an effort to do some fall activities. Two weekends ago my husband and I traveled to a local pumpkin patch where we roamed through a corn maize, ate fresh donuts and pumpkin cookies and searched for the perfect pumpkin.

Since then I've been embracing fall by partaking of several fall treats- such as Patrick the Pumpkin cookie and pumpkin spice lattes.
Patrick the Pumpkin cookie (gingerbread flavored)
First pumpkin spice latte of fall
What are your favorite fall activities?

What's Making Me Laugh: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Go to Summer Camp

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I never went to summer camp when I was a kid, but if I did I imagine my experiences probably would have resembled this skit...complete with Hootie and the Blowfish sing-a-longs.

What I'm Listening To: Lorde- Royals

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Conner aka Lorde (not to be confused with Finnish rock band, Lordi) has been topping the music charts lately with her electropop beats. Fun fact, Lorde is the first New Zealand singer-songwriter to have a number one song in the United States. Check out her song, "Royals" and try to NOT get the hook stuck in your head.

What I Wore to Tattoo Jam 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last weekend the husband and I and a couple of friends traveled north to the city of Doncaster to check out England's biggest tattoo convention Tattoo Jam. I'd never been to a tattoo convention before and although I didn't get a tattoo at the convention there was still plenty to see with tons of tattoo artists in booths giving tattoos and selling artwork, there was a battle of the bands, and there were performances from sword swallowers, flame swallowers and burlesque dancers.

Hat, Boots and Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Kenneth Cole from Name Brand Clothing
Little Mermaid T-shirt: gift from husband


Previously on Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 14

Thursday, October 24, 2013
A.K.A The Finale

Previously on Project Runway the final five had been narrowed down into the final four and each one was working hard to make sure that their 10 look collections were polished- including their Tide Pods Washable Fabrics Challenge looks and unconventional looks. The guest judge was Kerry Washington of the TV show, Scandal. Let's take a look at the collections.

Bradon's collection was inspired by the first signs of spring after a long winter. His collection used a lot of floral patterns, an iridescent lame and punches of blue. For a guy who won several challenges this season, his collection lacked a bit of edge and sex appeal and was a bit boring for my tastes.

muse look

the unconventional look

the washable look

Justin's autobiographical collection was about his experiences growing up deaf and first learning to hear with his cochlear implant at age 18. His story was clearly seen through his sound-wave stitching on his garments and the noise of the test tubes on his unconventional look which reminded Justin of his favorite sound- rain. His use of 3D printing for the accessories gave his clothes a futuristic feel. While there were many pieces the judges loved, there were some minor construction issues that we saw in the workroom and while his hair styling improved from the previous episode, I still wasn't a fan.
the unconventional look

the washable look

the muse look

Alexandria's collection was called "neo-nomadic punk". All of Alexandria's pieces looked like they could be found in Heidi Klum's closet with their luxe fabrics and relaxed 'cool girl' style. The judges seemed to feel like her clothes were very modern and of the moment. I thought her unconventional look was the most 'arts and crafts' of the bunch, but her washable look fit in well with the collection. I just wished that there was a punch of color in the collection.

the washable look

the unconventional look
Dom's 'retro futurism' collection was inspired by the movie, Blade Runner. I loved that she made her own prints and her washable look was one of my favorites. The judges seemed to like her collection too, however Zac Posen wasn't feeling the swimsuit so much.
the unconventional look

the washable look

After the judges gave the collection their final once over they sent Bradon out first, followed by Justin. With two girls left on the runway, the judges named Dom the winner! Yay! I was so happy! I felt like Dom presented the best collection and had the best designs throughout the season with a clear direction. I also felt like she needed the win the most in order to financially support her career in fashion.

What did you think of the collections? Did your favorite designer win? Are you excited for the next instalment of Project Runway All Stars? Let me know in the comments below.

Images borrowed from Rate the Runway
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