Previously on Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 12

Thursday, October 10, 2013
A.K.A. Do Overs

Previously on Project Runway the designers visited the Sweetbriar Nature Center and got to spend time in the butterfly room where Tim informed the designers that they would be creating an avant-guarde look inspired by the butterflies. Although the designers had a recommended budget of $200-400, most of the designers chose to go big or go home since this was to be the last challenge before the final. 

However, while the designers were creating their avant-guarde looks, Tim interrupted the designers and informed them that they would be creating a second look. In the second challenge the designers were asked to select an ousted designer's loosing look and revamp it into a winning look. Let's take a look at the designs.


Dom was inspired by butterfly cross-breeding, so she decided to cross-breed her prints. Initially she was worried that the judges might be put off by her use of too many prints, but after she got Tim's approval she was free. I absolutely loved this look.
For her remix she chose Jeremy's loosing dress suit because he'd used an inspiring print on his dress. Dom was able to transform his mumsy suit into a chic outfit that anyone would want to wear. Although Dom wasn't the winner this week, she is safely through to fashion week and is defiantly my front-runner for the final.
Dom's remake of Jeremy's loosing look
Bradon was inspired by the movement of the butterflies. Bradon took a risk by spending several hours hand-sewing his silk fabric into tubes that he almost didn't use. I was unsure about his outfit in the workroom, but when I saw it on the runway I knew he'd take the win.
Bradon chose Sue's loosing look from the unconventional challenge to remake which was exceptionally difficult due to the lack of fabric, but he managed to make it look good. Kudos on his win!
Bradon's remake of Sue's loosing look
The Bottom

Alexandria drew inspiration from a butterfly with tattered wings and her dress took on a more gothic, tattered look. Out of all of the avant guarde looks, this was my least favorite.
Alexandria chose to remake Miranda's loosing look. While most of the judges enjoyed parts of Alexandria's remake (the pants, the vest, and the headpiece) the judges were really split on both of her looks.
Alexandria's remake of Miranda's loosing look
Helen had a weepy day in the workroom. Her avant-guarde look was inspired by the monarch butterfly, but she chose to edit out her black fabric so he dress wouldn't look Halloween-y. Overall her dress looked well made, but not so much avant-guarde.
For the remix outfit, Helen chose to remake her mentor, Kate's, loosing look. My first thought was "Wasn't this look from a print challenge? where's the print"!? Anyways, the judges seemed to like it and is did seem to fit the model well, but I thought it looked more like a well-made Miranda outfit than a Helen look.
Helen's remake of Kate's loosing look
Justin was inspired by an albino butterfly. I liked this look a lot and the judges called it his best look of the season.
In an emotional turn, Justin chose to remix the outfit that he was originally eliminated for (before he got the Tim Gunn save). He was able to eliminate that "glue gun lace" and create a sophisticated look.
Justin's remake of his own loosing look
After congratulating Dom and Bradon for making it to New York Fashion Week, the judges informed Alexandria, Helen and Justin that none of them would be eliminated this week and that they all would create collections for New York Fashion Week. However, Alexandria, Helen and Justin will be competing against one another to determine who will get the final spot in the finale. 

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