December 2016/ January 2017 Reading List

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling One of my regrets about living in England was that I was unable to score tickets to score tickets to a West End performance for this play. So I was thrilled when my BFF loaned me a copy of her book and I love, Love, LOVED it!

Dietland by Sarai Walker This book came recommended from the PussyHatProject website as something to listen to while knitting. This book definitely has 2 distinct phases: initially it's a funny satire/ comedy about the beauty industry and the media that covers it; and later it becomes a dark, twisted dark comedy following a mock- feminist terrorist group. This book might not be for everybody, but I enjoyed the ride.

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon I'll admit that I am a childless adult who still enjoys reading the occasional children's book now and then. I was familiar with David Shannon's "David" series from the times I worked in elementary schools, so one night when I was having trouble sleeping I decided to check out the audio version of A Bad Case of Stripes. While the story line was fun, I did miss the fun illustrations. Next time I'll stick to the print version.

Jubilee by Patricia Reilly Giff This is a young adult story about a girl named Jubilee who is selectively mute. This is a story about friendship and coming of age- good qualities for any young adult reader, it just wasn't very memorable to this adult reader.


Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher I literally started listening to the audio version of this book the day before she passed away. This book is adapted from Fisher's one woman show and filled with hilarious essays, memories and anecdotes about her life in Hollywood. I looked forward to listening this on my commute to and from work. It was a sad reminder of the talent the world lost.

The Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Carmon and Shana Kizhnik I'd heard a lot about supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but I didn't really understand just how much of a badass she is until I picked up this book. I have so much more respect and adoration for her now.

Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou This book was recommended from Emma Watson's Our Shared Shelf Book Club and I'm so glad that I picked it up. I knew a little bit about Maya Angelou from her appearances on Oprah, but girrrl (or boyyy as the case may be)...she has been through some shit! This is a memoir about Maya Angelou and her on again, off again, on again relationship with her mother. It was a short, quick read and I couldn't put it down.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay This book came recommended by several book clubs and websites, so I checked out the audio version and now I want Roxane Gay to be my new BFF. This series of essays was well thought out, had humor, and got me thinking. I especially enjoyed her commentary on the Sweet Valley High book series.

Graphic Novels

Lumberjanes #14 & #15; Wonder Woman #4 & #5 
I am still enjoying these two series. In these two issues of the Lumberjanes, Jen finds herself lost in a snowstorm and the others try to find her. And in Wonder Woman 4 & 5 she must do battle with The First Born.

2017 Make Nine

Monday, February 20, 2017
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have already seen my 2017 Make Nine list- my list of what I intend to make this year. Last year I didn't complete any sewing projects and this year I hope to remedy that, but I also listed a few knitting projects as well. While I may venture off on some non-listed projects here and there, the intention is for this list to keep me focused when I'm between tasks. So far we're already a month and a half into 2017 and I've already completed 1 item on my list and made great progress on another. Stay tuned for updates in some future posts.


1) Triangle Rib Scarf for the husband. It's done. I just need to photograph it. 

2) Red Tea House Dress by Sew House Seven 

3) Named Clothing's Kilo wrap dress with sleeves


4) I started my Moneta dress 2 years ago but have been scared to finish it. I'm hoping to finish it for the Moneta Party on Instagram on February 24-26th.

5) I'm in love with Lladybird's version of Agnes as a dress! 

6) I've had an abstract print fabric in my que for quite a while now just waiting to be made into pants such as Vogue's 9032.



7) This featherweight cardigan will be perfect for spring.

8) I started knitting my Marion cardigan in 2014 but never finished it. 

9) This McCall's off-shoulder flutter sleeve (M7543)will keep me on trend this summer. 


What I'm Listening To: BANKS- Gemini Feed

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Recently, I was browsing my library's online library during my daily commute to work, having finished listening to that week's audiobook selection en-route, when I stumbled across BANKS' album Goddess. I was already familiar with her song "Begging for Thread" so I decided to listen to the whole album AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! I highly recommend you check out her full album, and check out the video for the album's first track, "Gemini Feed", above. Spoiler alert: she literally has gems for eyes!

Feel the Burn: How to Incorporate Flame Into Your Wardrobe

Monday, February 6, 2017
Last week I shared with you my color palette for Spring/ Summer 2017 including my neutrals, near-neutrals and statement colors which included one of PANTONE's Spring 2017 picks: Flame.

You can pair off Flame with dozens of colors to incorporate it into your outfit. Here are a few colors that pair nicely with Flame.


What I'm Listening To: Yelawolf- Devil in My Veins

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ever wondered what Johnny Cash would sound like if he were a rapper? Allow me to introduce you to the group Yelawolf who are bringing the country/rap/rock sound to the 20-teens with the song "Devil In My Veins."

My Spring/ Summer 2017 Color Palette

Friday, February 3, 2017
Although the weather outside is frightfully cold and Punxatawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter, I've got springtime on my mind. This week I decided to plan out what colors I want to focus on for the Spring/ Summer 2017 season. My aim is to stock up on clothing items in neutrals and near neutrals and to look for accessories in my statement colors which are based on Pantone's Spring 2017 color picks. 

Have you started planning your spring/ summer wardrobe yet? What colors are you focusing on? Let me know in the comments below.
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