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Oh Sarah O! was introduced in May 2008 and has been growing ever since. As of October 2013 this blog gets approximately 150 views per day and 2,500 views per month.

I am available for product reviews/ placements, and hosting giveaways. Ad space is also available on my sidebars for a monthly fee.
Please be aware that I do not accept all offers. I only accept offers from companies or products that would interest my readers and/or reflect my personal style.

Product Placement and Reviews:

I am happy to feature and showcase items sent to me that interest my viewers or reflect my own personal style.

I would also be happy to write a review of an item, but keep in mind that my opinions are my own.

E-mail me to let me know how you would like the item featured.

Note: You are welcome to send any product(s) for editorial review, but samples which need to be returned will not be accepted unless the sender arranges for return shipping.

Product Giveaways:
Please contact me if you are interested in donating an item for a giveaway contest. The product will be featured in a post and the winner be randomly selected to receive the item. Your company will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner.


If you have any other partnership ideas, please email me your proposal. I will be happy to discuss a solution that will benefit us both.


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