What's Making Me Laugh: The Littlest Warbler

Saturday, August 27, 2011
...or shall I say, what's making me say awe! Last weekend I saw the Glee 3D concert at my local movie theater (what can I say, I'm a Glee-K) which featured the Littlest Warbler. This kid is so cute, he makes me want to go out and adopt a little Asian baby, just so I can sew him a little warbler outfit and teach him to sing Glee songs. He's that cute! See for yourself.


Rag Time 3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Last week, I knit up 2 dishcloths using my bright green sugar n' cream cotton yarn, size 6 needles, and a free vineyard dishcloth pattern that I found on ravelry (available here). I made a seed stitch border instead of a garter stitch border as called for in the pattern by doing k1, p1 twice at the beginning and ending of each row. I also only knit the pattern 2 times instead of 3 times in each row to get more of a square shape instead of a rectangle.

What do you think?

Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 4

Monday, August 22, 2011
This week on Project Runway it was all about Nina (Garcia). The contestants were asked to design a look for judge, Nina Garcia, that she could wear from day to night. The winning look would be featured in Marie Claire Magazine, be worn by Nina Garcia herself, and appear on an ad on NYC taxi cabs.
While the designers were picking fabric at Mood, there was a big scandal over who saw the fabric first- as Anthony Ryan and Becky both selected the same fabric to work with. Anthony Ryan decided that he would stick to using the fabric and simply show the judges that he could work the fabric better than Becky, however they both ended up safe.

Bryce should have been in the bottom during this episode with his boring dress and crappy hem-line, but the judges kept him safe this round. Bert, Joshua, Laura and Olivier were also safe.

Top marks
I don't know why the judges swooned over Viktor's outfit this week. Yes, it was a well made, little black dress that could also be worn as separates- but it also looked like something that could already be purchased at any high end shop. I thought this look was safe at best, which is how the judges ruled.

Anya ended up in the top 3 with her jumper. Originally, Anya had purchased a mustard print fabric that Nina HATED! But, Anya was quick on her feet and dyed that fabric (with a little help from her friends). Laura also helped her out with the collar and I thought Viktor was going to blow the whistle on that to the judges during panel, but Viktor kept his mouth shut and Anya ended up safe.

Nina knew from the get-go that she wanted to get her hands on some of Kimberly's pants and specifically requested them at the consolation-rejecting Kim's dress idea. Nina fell in love with Kimberly's final look- and Kim was given the win and immunity for the next challenge and she totally deserved it.


Cecilia basically through in the towel from the get go. From Nina rejecting Cecilia's jacket design during the consolation, to her realization that her purple fabric from Mood was actually gray- it was all downhill. She even told the other contestants after judging that she thought she should have been sent home, and I totally agree. However, Cecilia ended up safe.

I thought Julie was going to end up safe with this coat/dress which was definitely not the worst look to go down the runway (I'm talking about you Cecillia and Bryce), but the judges were puzzled by this look and wondered if it was a coat or a dress or a "droat" (as Marie Claire editor called it) and Julie was out.


What's Making Me Laugh: Honey Badger

Saturday, August 20, 2011
I guess I should have called this one what's making The Boy laugh, since he's the one that showed me the video and he can't get enough of it. Check it out!

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger


The Wild Sarah In Her Natural Habitat

Friday, August 19, 2011
Just in case there was any question about my glamourousness (or lack there of), The Boy decided to follow me around like a Paparazzi on Tuesday and snag a few snap-shots of me out on the town.

How is your week going?


What I Wore: 8/10/11

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

maxi skirt: Urban Outfitters

Since the temperatures outside cooled down just a tad, I thought it was the perfect time to show off my gorgeous new short sleeved sweater. I purchased the sweater in "red" which is more of a coral color. If you're interested in purchasing a similar sweater, there are still some available online.

What I Wore: 8/07/2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Last week, I went with The Boy to go see the Little Mermaid performance at my local music theater. The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie as a kid- I had a Little Mermaid themed bedroom set, Little Mermaid doll, and Little Mermaid P.J.'s. So I was super excited to get to see The Little Mermaid performed LIVE and dressed up in my best Little Mermaid outfit for the occasion.

dress: Target
shoes: urban outfitters
purse: ancient


Mad Men walk-on contest

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey everyone! I just heard that Banana Republic and Mad Men have teamed up for the Mad Men Casting Call Contest. I was so stoked when I heard about this, that I had to enter and share my news with all of my readers. If you are interested in entering you can do so here, rules are available here, and if you want to vote for me you can do so here. The Contest runs from August 11, 2011 to September 25, 2011 (ignore the poster above, it's from an old contest). Please! Please! Pretty please vote for me!

Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 3

This week on Project Runway, the designers were asked to collaborate with a randomly assigned designer to make a fashion forward outfit for stilt walkers. The teams were:
  • Bert and Viktor
  • Anthony Ryan and Laura
  • Joshua and Julie
  • Danielle and Cecilia
  • Anya and Olivier
  • Kimberly and Becky
  • Bryce and Fallene

Anya and Olivier: I loved their choice of fabric, but wasn't so keen on what they were doing to the dress up top. Their look was okay and therefore this team was safe.

Danielle and Cecilia: These two ladies decided that they were going to be "team chiffon" this week, making a chiffon blouse and pant. While the outfit looked wearable, the hair styling was atrocious, but the ladies moved on to see another day.

Kimberly and Becky: I thought that these two ladies had the best overall plan and execution. They both decided that Kim makes good pants, and Becky makes good jackets and together they made a great outfit that even incorporated the model's tattoo. These ladies took second place and will continue on.
Anthony Ryan and Laura: These two made up the dream team. It seems that anything Anthony Ryan has been touching has been turning to Project Runway gold, and this week his team scored the win with this fabulous and flowy red dress, but Anthony Ryan let Laura take the win and immunity. Awe! How Sweet!

Julie and Joshua: These two made up "team circus/matador". They were an odd pair working together and they took there concept too literally and ended up with a costume that the judges didn't like. I also thought the proportions were a little odd-with a teeny tiny body and huge legs, but I am a fan of the zigzag pants. These two survived for the next round.

Bert and Viktor: These two could not get along! I think they were doomed from the get-go when they came up with a costumey design and picked out their hideous fabric. In my opinion, this was the worst of the bunch and Viktor should have gone, but the judges passed them both on with a slap on the wrist.

Bryce and Fallene: These two also fell victim to taking their concept too literally. They'd wanted to make a ballet inspired, rock-n-roll outfit, but ended up making a cheap, slap-dash, Black Swan outfit. Fallene struggled with sewing the bodice, and Bryce spent the whole time making that hideous skirt and criticizing Fallene for not knowing about fabric grain. In the end, Bryce ended up doing the whole dress himself and Fallene made the headpiece,which was the only thing that the judges liked, but the judges sent Fallene home. I thought that between the two, Bryce deserved to go home since he made the dress. I expect he'll probably be out next episode.

What did you think about this weeks episode? Let me know in the comments below.

What's Making Me Laugh: John Stamos' Guide to Cuddling

Saturday, August 13, 2011
Another post.

Have you guys seen John Stamos' Guide to Cuddling yet!? If not, watch it! It's totally hilarious.

What's Making Me Laugh: Curb Your Enthusiasm's Guide to Hospitality

I am a huge fan of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm and I think that one of the funniest characters on the show is Leon. This week I stumbled upon Esquire Magazine's article "The Curb Your Enthusiasm Guide to Hospitality" and it still has me laughing. Click here and give it a read. And I'll warn you, this article contains naughty language.


Cable Braided Necklace

Friday, August 12, 2011

This week, I finally completed my cable braided necklace. Here's the secret...it's not really braided or cabled. Shhh!

To make this necklace I used Yarn Bee Enchantress yarn from Hobby Lobby, size 2 needles, and this pattern by Olgajazzy.

I think that it turned out super cute and Anthro-chic! I'm even considering making a matching bracelot. I love the faux cable/braiding and think the technique could alsobe used to make some super chic sweater edging or tote bag handles. What do you think?


Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 2

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
This week was the "unconventional challenge". For this challenge, the designers were taken to a pet store and given $300 and some muslin to make a fashionable outfit.

Bert totally "phoned in" his design by using conventional materials and sewing his model a fancy pillow case dress that looks like something I could have done. Good thing he had immunity!

Bryce ended up in the bottom with a terrible, pee-pad, napkin skirt dress. Too me, this dress was so awful aesthetically and fit-wise that I thought it was unforgivable and that Bryce should be sent home. But, the judges decided to keep Bryce around for another week.

My poor Fallene ended up in the bottom as well because the judges thought the silhouette was too simple and disliked the fall color palate. Personally, I didn't think this dress was so bad, but when it was time to defend her garment, Fallene didn't defend the outfit one bit! I wanted to jump into the tv screen and zip her lips! Doesn't she know that admitting that you're garment sucks to the judges is like writing your own Project Runway suicide note!? Fallene ended up safe in the end and I hope she learned her lesson.

I thought that Anthony Ryan's bird seed dress was the clear winner this week, but the judges got hung up on it's shortness. Better luck next week!

Olivier was the winner this week. Although I love Olivier's accent and I liked the idea of utilizing a neutral color palate and making an ombre skirt, I wasn't a fan of the silhouette and thought the top kind of made her boobs look dumpy, and the stuffed skirt made her hips look wide. I mean, what woman wants her butt and thighs to look bigger!? Oh well! What do I know!

This week Joshua C. was sent home for using conventional materials and creating another boring outfit. While I agree that Joshua C. deserved to be in the bottom, I wouldn't have sent him home for this outfit since it was wearable. He seemed to be victim of the "2 strikes in a row (in the bottom), you're out scenario" that's played out many times over Project Runway history.

What did you think about this week's episode. Were the right people in/out? Let me know in the comment's below.

Barbie's Country Dress and Jacket

Monday, August 8, 2011
Last week I completed another Barbie outfit for my former co-worker. This one is called the "Country Girl Dress and Jacket". The pattern is by Lynne Sears and is available for free here. I used Red Heart #10 Crochet thread in country blue and white.

I actually finished the dress and mini granny squares last spring, but sewing the jacket seemed like such a chore that I put it off until last weekend. What do you think? I think she could be in a She & Him music video.

What I'm Listening To: Bon Iver- Skinny Love

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Last month, when I was visiting my college town, my friend Jon asked me if I'd listened to any Bon Iver. At the time, I'd told him that I'd heard of Bon Iver, but couldn't recall if I'd liked him or not.

Well, this week I stumbled upon this video of Bon Iver on the Colbert Report and it reminded me that I had been listening to Bon Iver for months on my Paste Magazine Music Sampler CD and just hadn't matched the artist to the song.
If you haven't heard of Bon Iver (or even if you have) give it a listen:

And yes Jon, I like Bon Iver. Did you know that they're playing a show in KC on September 9th?

Rag Time 2

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
This weekend I worked up two2 new "rags" for the Knit Pray Crochet "Seeds of Faith Ministry" at my parent's church. First, I worked up Grandma's Favorite Heart Shaped Dishcloth with my Peaches n' Cream red cotton yarn.

Then I crocheted an Apple Potholder.

I think the heart pattern looks a little too messy at the curves for my liking but that's how the pattern was written. I also think that the apple is a bit too wide, so if I ever make it again I'll want to either use thinner yarn (rather than worsted weight), use a smaller hook, or start out with a smaller cast on chain. Anyway, I think they turned out pretty cute and quirky and hopefully someone will love them.
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