Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 2

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
This week was the "unconventional challenge". For this challenge, the designers were taken to a pet store and given $300 and some muslin to make a fashionable outfit.

Bert totally "phoned in" his design by using conventional materials and sewing his model a fancy pillow case dress that looks like something I could have done. Good thing he had immunity!

Bryce ended up in the bottom with a terrible, pee-pad, napkin skirt dress. Too me, this dress was so awful aesthetically and fit-wise that I thought it was unforgivable and that Bryce should be sent home. But, the judges decided to keep Bryce around for another week.

My poor Fallene ended up in the bottom as well because the judges thought the silhouette was too simple and disliked the fall color palate. Personally, I didn't think this dress was so bad, but when it was time to defend her garment, Fallene didn't defend the outfit one bit! I wanted to jump into the tv screen and zip her lips! Doesn't she know that admitting that you're garment sucks to the judges is like writing your own Project Runway suicide note!? Fallene ended up safe in the end and I hope she learned her lesson.

I thought that Anthony Ryan's bird seed dress was the clear winner this week, but the judges got hung up on it's shortness. Better luck next week!

Olivier was the winner this week. Although I love Olivier's accent and I liked the idea of utilizing a neutral color palate and making an ombre skirt, I wasn't a fan of the silhouette and thought the top kind of made her boobs look dumpy, and the stuffed skirt made her hips look wide. I mean, what woman wants her butt and thighs to look bigger!? Oh well! What do I know!

This week Joshua C. was sent home for using conventional materials and creating another boring outfit. While I agree that Joshua C. deserved to be in the bottom, I wouldn't have sent him home for this outfit since it was wearable. He seemed to be victim of the "2 strikes in a row (in the bottom), you're out scenario" that's played out many times over Project Runway history.

What did you think about this week's episode. Were the right people in/out? Let me know in the comment's below.

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