Slow Fashion October Week 1

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Slow Fashion October or Slowtober is a yearly social media conversation piloted by Karen Templer, creator of the Fringe Field Bags that are ever so popular in the knitting world, in 2015. The idea was to open up a dialogue about how fast fashion has been contributing harm to our environment, and for use crafty folks (knitters, crocheters and sewists alike) to be more considerate of where our clothes (and fabrics) come from (see the Fringe Association blog here). 

For Slowtober 2018 Templer created a series of Action Items and Discussion Prompts to move the conversation along. Some of the questions are loosely based on Seamwork/ Colette pattern's Sew My Style series, but put it's own spin on it.

Since the temperatures have begun to feel more fall-like and I've started to switch out my warm weather clothes for heavier fabrics, I thought I'd take a look at the action items and prompts to help me evaluate what stays and what goes. 

First I gave my Personal Style Pinterest moodboard an overhaul. Most of my personal style pins are primarily neutral in color (black, white, beige, or gray) with a pop of bright color. I also appear to be a fan of prints such as animal print and polka dots. 

Colors I wear

When I'm looking for wardrobe inspiration I frequently turn to Instagram, Pinterest, and what's trending on the High Street. I often find that I want to immediately make anything that Kate of The Fold Line, Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns or Rachel from the Stitch Sisters makes, and I love edgy style that UK television presenter, Emma Willis has.

When I imagine my future wardrobe, I want it to be professional with a bit of quirky edge (somewhere between a Wes Anderson film star and a rock star). At the moment I typically wear separates- pants and a shirt, and I rarely wear dresses, skirts, shorts or heels. I know that my favorite clothes are those that look professional enough to wear to work, but are comfy enough to lounge around the house and run errands in without getting embarrassed (I know. I want it all!)

Check back to see if I can move closer to my ideal wardrobe as my Slowtober progresses.
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