My 2019 Make Nine

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
I've been participating in the Make Nine Challenge, hosted by Rochell of Home Row Fiber Co, since 2017. What I like about the challenge is that it allows me to come up with a crafty strategy for the year, and later on I can reflect on how my priorities have changed from year to year. 

I haven't actually completed my whole Make Nine Challenge list since I began. In both 2017 and 2018, I only completed 4 out of 9 of my plans. What I've learned is that I am easily distracted by shiny new patterns and I'm more likely to complete less specific plans that allow for more variability.   

Here is my #2019MakeNine list:

1. The Fulton Sweater by Alina Sewing/ Design Co. is a pattern I fell in love with as soon as it was released. It looks modern, stylish and practical and it's the kind of garment that I can wear to work and on my days off. I'd like to sew up one in every color of the rainbow, but I'll be happy if I can make one this year.

2. An Andi Satterlund Pattern.
I've been a fan of Andi Satterlund's pattern's since I started knitting and I especially enjoy participating in the knitting/ sewing make-a-long she hosts each year with Lladybird. I definitely plan to add more of her patterns into my wardrobe.

3. An Andrea Mowry Pattern. I've been a fan of Andrea Mowry's patterns for ages and in 2018 I jumped in on Andrea Mowry's #FlouritegivingKAL over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and realized that THAT was my one and only pattern I've knit by her. Luckily, my husband got me an Andrea Mowry pattern/ yarn kit for Christmas, so I aim to have more of her patterns knit up this year. 

4. A Caitlyn Hunter Pattern
I knit up 2 patterns by fellow Oregonian, Caitlyn Hunter aka boylandknitworks, and they were my favorite and most worn sweaters of 2018. There are plenty more of her patterns in my queue ready to cast-on.

5. A Joji Locatelli Pattern.
I haven't knit a pattern my Joji Locatelli pattern yet, but when her Spector pullover pattern came out in late 2018, I immediately added it to my library. I plan on casting it on soon.

6. Jeans.
I bought the Closet Case Ginger Jeans pattern, fabric, and accessories in 2018 with the intention of sewing them up over the summer, but I chickened out. So this year I signed up to take a Ginger Jeans sewing class taught by Lladybird, so this is definitely happening.

7. A Stephen West Pattern.
I participated in Kristy Glass Knits #doodlerkal in 2018 and had so much fun making that shawl! I'm hoping to try another to my collection.

8. A Poison Girls Pattern.
I haven't made a Poison Girls, aka Amy Appel, pattern yet, but a lot of my favorite makers on YouTube, Instagram, & Ravelry have. These patterns offer a modern take on 1950s styles which I enjoy. Plus the Betty & Judy Lodge Christmas sweater is amazing!   

9. High Waisted Pants.
I pretty much wear some variation of pants and a shirt every day and would love to have several pairs of high waisted me-made pants in my wardrobe. I have seen some amazing Persephone pants by Anna Allen patterns, I have plans to make more True Bias Lander pants, and have some high waisted Big Four pants patterns in my stash as well. 

Are you creating a #2019MakeNine this year? Have you made any of the patterns on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

My First Make of 2019: Blackwood Cardigan

Friday, January 18, 2019
I've had my eye on making a Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet since the pattern was released and thought this sweater knit leopard print fabric that I've had in my stash for ages (since the dawn of my attempts at sewing) would be perfect; however I had hesitated after having a few nasty experiences with some stretch knits being fiddly and eaten by my machine. But after some recent sewing successes and with the start of the new year, I felt inspired to take on the challenge.

Fabric: Probably from 2009

I stitched up View A in a size Large based on my bust measurement with no alterations. I followed along with the pattern instructions and the Blackwood Sewalong from the Helen's Closet blog and it was a breeze! There may be several more Blackwood cardigans in my future.

Sew My Style 2018 Makes

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
At the beginning of 2018, I declared that I wanted to get back into sewing and to motivate that effort I decided to take the #sewmystyle2018 challenge which I talked about in an earlier post

While I didn't end up making all of the Sew My Style patterns each month, I totally upped my sewing game and make 7 out of the 12 patterns (including 3 versions of one of the featured patterns) and I learned a LOT. 

Estelle Cardigan by Style Arc
February 2018
Fate: worn & loved
I was hesitant about the Sew My Style January selection, so I didn't get started until February when I was happy to see a beginner friendly cardigan pattern. I found the perfect reversible ponte roma fabric from Stylemaker Fabrics and sewed this thing up in a few hours. It gave me the confidence I needed to go on and it's one of my most worn and most loved makes.

Kalle Shirtdress by Closet Case Patterns
May 2018
Fate: worn a few times
I saw Heather Lou post a photo of herself in a Kalle Shirtdress and decided that I had to have one despite the fact that I rarely wear dresses. I used a jade colored Tencel Twill from Stylemaker Fabrics and graded my sizing from an 8 at the top to a 12 on the bottom. I've worn this out a few times and gotten compliments.

Kalle Shirt by Closet Case Patterns
April 2018
Fate: worn
I typically wear a lot of button-up shirts to work, so I decided to stitch up this floral version using Telio rayon poplin from to wear in the spring. It's not perfect, but I like it.

Kalle (banana) Shirt by Closet Case Patterns
September 2018
Fate: worn
I loved my floral Kalle so much that I wanted to try a cotton version in a bolder print. This time I used Telio cotton fabric from I first wore this out to a WWE Smackdown tournament with my husband and it was perfect!

Marigold Trousers by Tilly and the Buttons
June 2018
Fate: worn around the house
I originally thought I would try the Marigold jumpsuit pattern, but thought the trousers would get more wear. I'm not sure if the print is too much or if the Telio poplin rayon fabric is just too light, but I've mostly just worn these around the house.

Suki Kimono by Helen's Closet
June 2018
Fate: rarely worn
I didn't really need a robe in my wardrobe, so I followed the cropped Suki jacket hack on the Helen's Closet blog. Even though it came out okay, I've rarely worn it. Maybe it'll fit in better with my spring outfits.

Lander Shorts by True Bias
July 2018
Fate: worn a few times
I was pretty intimidated to sew up my own pants, but when Lladybird & Untangling Knots featured the Lander Shorts in their annual summer make along in the same month that it was featured as the Sew My Style pattern, I had to make them and it was easier than it looked. Unfortunately, the summer was pretty mild so I didn't get to wear these as much as I wanted. I'm eager to make some Lander Pants in 2019.

Fringe Dress by Chalk and Notch
October 2018
Fate: not worn
The Fringe Dress seems to be one of those patterns that look good on a wide variety of body shapes. It's not perfect, but I'm pleased with how it came together. I'm hoping I'll wear it out more when the weather warms up.

Portsmith Tote by Klum House
November 2018
Fate: well used
I wasn't sure that I needed another tote bag, but Klum House happens to be housed in my hometown, and when I saw that they were offering a Portsmith Tote 1-day workshop I signed myself up. I used burgundy and black waxed canvas with black leather straps and hardware furnished by Klum House. It looks super profesh!

Did you participate in the #2018SewMyStyle challenge? Will you be participating in 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

My Last Make of 2018: The Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven

Friday, January 11, 2019
The cool, wet dreary days at the end of 2018 had me craving a simple warm and cozy make that was classy enough to wear to work but snugly enough that I'd want to wear it on my days off. 

I had seen a lot of great versions of the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven and was recently able to snag just the right amount of a black and white sweater knit boucle fabric remnant from Style Maker fabrics to make this sweater. The instructions were easy to follow and I stitched up a size Large with an added 2 inches of length to the front and back body pieces.

I'm not sure if this is the most flattering sweater for my pear/ hourglass shaped figure, but it is definitely a cozy make! I feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

Thanks for reading!

My 2018 Make Nine Review

Thursday, January 10, 2019
I had big plans for my 2018 Make Nine to try new techniques and new garments, and while I made a lot of things in 2018, I only made 4 out of 9 items from my Make Nine List.

An Andi Satterlund Pattern: Salal
April 2018
Fate: worn
I originally intended to make the cardigan as part of an Andi Satterlund pattern knit along, but life and my day job got in the way and I ended up finishing it on my own time. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I've worn it several times.

Colorwork Mittens: Unmade but yarn acquired
In the winter of 2017 it seemed like everyone was making colorwork mittens. But when everyone else moved on to shiny new patterns, I did too.

An Andrea Mowry pattern: Fluorite socks 
November 2018
Fate: worn once
When I originally made my Make Nine I had grand ideas to make a What the Fade or Find yoru Fade Shawl. But over the Thanksgiving holiday Andrea Mowry hosted the FlouritgivingKAL and I just so happened to have the perfect yarn and the pattern already in my stash. It was meant to be.

A Stephen West Pattern: The Doodler
July 2018
Fate: made
I have long been a fan of Stephen West more vibrant patterns, but had not yet tackled one. At the beginning of 2018 Kristy Glass Knits hosted a DoodlerKAL and it was just the motivation I needed to give it a go.

Socks: multiple made
Fate: some worn, some stored
In the spring of 2018 I decided to try to knit some socks. I knit a pair of socks for my husband that are just a touch too slouchy, and some oversize Jaywalker socks which are fun to wear around the house before I perfected my sock recipe. I will definitely be knitting more socks in 2019.

Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Clothing
Unmade but fabric acquired

Coco by Tilly & the Buttons
Unmade but fabric on the way

Something Brioche
Unmade- still too afraid

A Christmas Sweater: Julgran by Andi Satterlund in progress
After knitting up all of my Christmas gift knits, I started working on my Julgran sweater at the beginning of December. I nearly finished this thing in time for Christmas, but I ran out of yarn before I could finish the second sleeve. Watch this space.

Things to consider for my 2019 Make Nine
I seemed to complete the makes that I wasn't as specific on, which gave me a bit more wiggle room to deviate some from my original ideas. I also want to be more considerate of how my makes will fit in with the garments that I already have in my closet.

Did you create a 2018 Make Nine List? If so, how many did you make on your list?
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