Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 4

Monday, August 22, 2011
This week on Project Runway it was all about Nina (Garcia). The contestants were asked to design a look for judge, Nina Garcia, that she could wear from day to night. The winning look would be featured in Marie Claire Magazine, be worn by Nina Garcia herself, and appear on an ad on NYC taxi cabs.
While the designers were picking fabric at Mood, there was a big scandal over who saw the fabric first- as Anthony Ryan and Becky both selected the same fabric to work with. Anthony Ryan decided that he would stick to using the fabric and simply show the judges that he could work the fabric better than Becky, however they both ended up safe.

Bryce should have been in the bottom during this episode with his boring dress and crappy hem-line, but the judges kept him safe this round. Bert, Joshua, Laura and Olivier were also safe.

Top marks
I don't know why the judges swooned over Viktor's outfit this week. Yes, it was a well made, little black dress that could also be worn as separates- but it also looked like something that could already be purchased at any high end shop. I thought this look was safe at best, which is how the judges ruled.

Anya ended up in the top 3 with her jumper. Originally, Anya had purchased a mustard print fabric that Nina HATED! But, Anya was quick on her feet and dyed that fabric (with a little help from her friends). Laura also helped her out with the collar and I thought Viktor was going to blow the whistle on that to the judges during panel, but Viktor kept his mouth shut and Anya ended up safe.

Nina knew from the get-go that she wanted to get her hands on some of Kimberly's pants and specifically requested them at the consolation-rejecting Kim's dress idea. Nina fell in love with Kimberly's final look- and Kim was given the win and immunity for the next challenge and she totally deserved it.


Cecilia basically through in the towel from the get go. From Nina rejecting Cecilia's jacket design during the consolation, to her realization that her purple fabric from Mood was actually gray- it was all downhill. She even told the other contestants after judging that she thought she should have been sent home, and I totally agree. However, Cecilia ended up safe.

I thought Julie was going to end up safe with this coat/dress which was definitely not the worst look to go down the runway (I'm talking about you Cecillia and Bryce), but the judges were puzzled by this look and wondered if it was a coat or a dress or a "droat" (as Marie Claire editor called it) and Julie was out.

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