Capes, Masks & Tights: Part II

Saturday, October 5, 2013
Well, originally my sketchbook was going to travel to Santa Fe, NM on September 29th and then go on to Boulder, Co, but the tour got re-routed due to the flooding in Colorado (safety first!) so tonight my latest sketchbook is visiting New Albany, IN at The Dandy Lion on 310 Bank Street.. If you're in the New Albany area, be sure to visit the Mobile Sketchbook Library where you can find my sketchbook under call number 220.5-8. But, if you aren't able to visit my sketchbook in person or just want a preview, check out pages 8-15 from my sketchbook below.

I drew Wichita's famous Keeper of the Plains above the downtown Wichita skyline. Originally I thought I would add some sort of story to go along with the drawing, but I decided that it might be better to let the viewer create their own narrative. 
Page 8-9

For this page I drew inspiration from the romance comic books from the 1960s and 70s. Let me tell you, those Lois Lane comics from that era had some pretty wild storylines.
Page 10-11 

Back in the day, between undergrad and grad school I used to get into some pretty wacky situations and I used to think that I should make a graphic novel about them (keep in mind, I was reading a LOT of graphic novels at the time). Well, flash forward nearly 10 years- and I've finally done it. This little graphic novel is loosely based on the first time I visited Kirby's Beer Store. It's all done in ink pen.
Page 12-13

Page 14-15

You'll have to check out my sketchbook, or visit my blog later to find out how this mini-comic ends.

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