Previously on Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 13

Thursday, October 17, 2013
AKA The Final Four

Previously on Project Runway, Tim Gunn visited the final five designers in their home-towns before the designers returned to NYC to prepare their final Spring designs for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Each of the final five designers were given $9000 and six-weeks to create a collection and one of their looks had to use unconventional materials.

If you recall, Bradon and Dom already earned their spots in the Project Runway Finale, but Alexandria, Justin and Helen were still in competition for the final spot (or two) at Fashion Week. 

During Tim's visit Dom meets Tim at a restaurant in Philadelphia where she works nights as a hostess. Her collection was inspired by the movie, Blade Runner, and she created her own prints for her collection that she is calling "retrofuturism". Her prints looked nice but she didn't have a lot of finished pieces to show.

Bradon takes Tim to the beach in Los Angeles where we actually see Tim go barefoot. Bradon's collection is inspired by the first signs of spring after a long, snowy winter and used lots of pastel colors and floral patterns. The collection so far looked well made but is kind of a snooze.

Alexandria met up with Tim in San Mateo, California and took him to her studio where she teaches kids how to sew. The best moment was when Alexandria showed Tim the "ugly dollz" that her students had made of Tim and the cast- they were spot on! Alexandria's collection was focused on an "edgy, strong, and modern" woman with lots of grey, black, white and taupe colors. She had not been wasting any time at home as she had over 30 pieces to show during Tim's visit. 

On the runway Alexandria presented three pants looks. Heidi loved all of the looks and Zac said that her looks looked "luxe," but Nina was less impressed saying, "When you put a show for New York Fashion Week, these clothes are going to look like anything. Do you have the goods to present something wow?" In the end, the judges decided to send Alexandria on to fashion week.

Justin brought Tim to his families home in Raleigh, North Carolina where he showed Tim his secret weapon- a 3D printing machine that he was using to create accessories based on the theme of sound-waves. Justin's designs use lots of black and white with hand-painted elements and his unconventional look was also his show stopper- a gown made of test tubes. His clothes look really well made and hard to beat.

On the runway Justin chose three very different looks which show the range of his collection. Heidi and Zac weren't thrilled with the hairstyling and Zac pointed out some elements that needed cleaning up, but overall the judges seemed impressed with the cohesiveness of Justin's collection and he's safely through.

Helen brought Tim to Union City, New Jersey where she showed off her collection that was inspired by the idea of clairvoyance and consisted of lots of capes in black, red, and a print of her boyfriend's eye (I sure hope they're serious- it'd be a shame if her memory of her first collection were tarnished by her print of an ex's eye).  Helen spoke very highly of her collection to Tim, the judges and the other designers, but had trouble explaining the tie in of clairvoyance to the clothes that she made.

On the runway the judges picked apart Helen's construction and when they compared Helen's looks to Justin and Alexandria's the judges decided that Helen was the odd one out.

Before seeing the final designs I was sure that it would be Dom, Bradon and either Alexandria or Helen in the final spot, but having seen the final looks I think that the judges made the right call in sending Helen home. I think that it'll be a toss up between Dom and Justin for the win, but ultimately I'm cheering for Dom to be the winner.

Are you going to tune in to tonight's finale? Who do you want to win? Are you looking forward to the next season of All Stars? Let me know in the comments below.

images borrowed from Rate the Runway 

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