She Steals from Chic Steals: Mens Shirt to Cute Sleeveless Ruffle Tunic

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Since it's been so cold and snowy this winter, I've been desperately longing for spring to come. After all, Puxutawney proclaimed "6 more weeks til Spring," right? Anyway, in the mean time I thought I'd share a DIY project that I did over the summer in 2010.

image source here
It all began with this dress (seen above) from Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters. I'd seen it on Urban Outfitters website last summer and thought it was cute and classic, but I didn't like the $40+ price tag. Then Chic Steals came along and posted a swell tutorial (seen here) on how to make the dress from a refashioned men's shirt and I was sold.
image source here
I picked up a blue and white checked XXL men's shirt by Banana Republic at my local Goodwill, pulled out my seam ripper and my sewing machine and followed Chic Steals directions to a tee. Here's how it turned out:



And here I am modeling it.

Although I'd originally planned on this being a cute summer dress, mine turned out a bit short so I'm calling it a tunic. I quickly realized that I'm too modest to wear my tube tunic without anything underneath, so I usually pair this with a t-shirt underneath. I think it'd look even cuter if I paired this with a cute little belt.
What do you think of my tunic/dress? Would you like to see some more DIYs? Let me know in the comments below?

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