Beak 'em Hawks!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
cardigan: JC Penny
top: JC Penny (ages ago)
red pants: Urban Outfitters

If you didn't know, Monday night was the NCAA Finals and my alma-mater, The University of Kansas (KU), played The University  of Kentucky (UK). Somehow I managed to spend 4 years plus a semester at KU and never managed to attend a sports event or purchase a t-shirt for my college team, but I managed to find some crimson and blue in my closet.

Although UK was favored to win the game, I still watched and cheered for the home team from the comfort of my computer screen. KU scored the opening points and managed to make UK work for their win, but ultimately UK defeated KU with a score of 67-59. The game gave me flashbacks to when KU played the final game against Syracuse my sophomore year of college and lost the final game..and then I started to feel old. Better luck next year, KU. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

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