Previously on Project Runway: Episodes 7 and 8

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Episode 7

Previously on Project Runway, the designers participated in the Lord and Taylor challenge. The designers visited the Lord and Taylor flagship store and saw a series of 9 dresses created by designers from past seasons and were asked to create an outfit with the $200-300 price point that would be worthy of representing Project Runway season 10. The winning look would be sold at Lord and Taylor online and in stores. Let's take a look that the designs:


Christopher decided to use his signature fraying/layering technique for the third time. He also decided to take a risk by creating a full-length gown. While the judges mentioned that they're getting tired of seeing the fraying technique and they commented that not many women could pull off this look, the judges also commented that it was a stunning piece and Christopher took home the win this week.


Elena had a rough time trying to create a unique look that met the met the challenge requirements and met her design aesthetic. While I was relieved to see Elena create a look without big shoulders, I felt like Elena chose the wrong fabric for this outfit as her outfit looked cheap. If it were up to me, I would have made Elena safe this week rather than in the top 4.


Fabio had immunity this week as Fabio earned the win the previous week. I thought Fabio's dress was good in the fact that it was versatile and could easily be styled for casual or evening wear, but I felt Fabio's dress was a little boring compared to the rest. I thought Fabio's dress should be safe at best, but the judges felt it was worthy of the top 4.
Melissa decided to jump out of her comfort zone and use a bronze colored fabric rather than black with a unique neckline. Melissa almost had a disaster in the work room as Melissa's sewing fabric initially would not stand up. The judges liked her look, but felt that the long, pointed, asymmetrical hemline was a bit much. Melissa was deservedly in the top 4 and was chosen to be safe this week.



I was surprised to see Dmitry just called as safe. I thought that Dmitry's dress was impeccably made, and it was chic and the piping made the dress very flattering.


Ven decided to incorporate his signature rose motif and fabric manipulation for this challenge. Although Ven's dress was well made as usual, the judges appeared to be getting tired of Ven's motif's and fabric manipulation  based on their comments. I felt that Ven's dress was a little underwhelming compared to the dressed he's already done. The judges kept Ven safe this week.




The judges agreed that Gunnar created a good looking dress. Heck! I'd even wear this one! However, Gunner landed in the bottom because the judges felt like they had seen this outfit a million times, but ultimately the judges deiced to keep Gunnar for another week.

Sonjia's dress was also underwhelming. While peplum is all the rage right now, Sonjia's preplum just fell flat, thus landing Sonjia in the bottom 3. After the deliberation, the judges decided to keep Sonja around for another week.
Alicia had my least favorite look this week as I felt the collar was sloppy, the fabric looked cheap and I wasn't a fan of the overall silhouette. If it were up to me, Alicia would have gone home this week for this outfit.
Recap and Results:  The judges awarded Christopher with the win this week, but decided not to determine a looser and eliminate anybody this week as they felt everyone met the guidelines.

What did you think about the non-elimination? I thought Alicia should have gone home this week since Alicia hasn't created a show stopper all season.

Episode 8

This week on Project Runway, the designers were placed on teams of three and were asked to use their creativity to create items to sell on the street in order to earn their project budget. Then the designers were asked to use their earned budget to create two fall looks featuring outerwear. Let's take a look at the designs:

Team Sonjia, Gunnar, and Christopher:

Chirstopher and Gunnar have been talking alot of trash about each other on camera, so I expected some drama in this episode. But, Christoper and Gunnar were able to put their cattiness aside and were actually able to work together really well. Their teamwork showed in the work as team Sonjia, Gunnar, and Christopher were the clear winning team this week and Sonjia's coat earned Sonjia the win.
Sonjia and Gunnar
Christopher and Gunnar
Team Dmitry, Elena, and Alicia:

Everyone knew the minute that Dmitry and  Elena were chosen to be on the same team that they were going to butt heads and butt heads they did. Dmitry decided to design a whole look and created one of his signature dresses. While the dress was beautiful, I think everyone is getting tired of seeing Dmitry make dresses. Plus, Dmitry designed a shawl to go over the dress which seemed more like a blanket and was totally confusing. Meanwhile, Elena and Alicia collaborated with the second look and Elena made another oversize, large shouldered coat that was unpolished and unflattering, while Alicia created a boring skinny pant and t-shirt set. Ultimately, the judges felt like Alicia didn't participate enough and they didn't like her clothes, so Alicia was out.
Team Ven, Fabio, and Melissa: 

This team earned the biggest budget to work with through the street challenge and every one of them have win's under there belt, so I expected great things from this team. So it was shocking to see this team create the most boring items of the bunch. The tops were throw-aways, the skirt was droopy, the coat looked like an old lady's house coat and the only saving grace was Melissa's interesting collared jacket which ultimately kept this team safe.
Ven and Melissa
Fabio and Ven
Elena and Alicia
What did you think of episode 8? I agreed with the judges pick for the winning/loosing teams, but I would have Eliminated Fabio and/or Ven for their underwhelming outfits.

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