Previously on Project Runway All Stars- Season 2, Episode 2

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
aka. That 70's Challenge

Previously on Project Runway All Stars, the designers got to visit the Nine West shoes showroom where they each got to select a disco inspired shoe and were asked to create a modernized disco outfit. The winning look would be featured in a future Nine West shoes ad. Let's take a look at the designs.


Althea flew under the radar again with her pink party outfit. It's nice, but it doesn't scream modern disco party outfit. I'd like to see Althea step up her game.
Anthony Ryan's dress was also okay (if not a little short), but it lacked any wow factor down the runway.
Anthony Ryan
I thought Emilio's look was worthy of a top spot (definitely more deserving than Ivy's look). I loved it's easy flow, the bright colors and the peak-a-boo back.
Joshua's look reminded me a bit of the 70's leisure suit and I could totally see Joshua wearing this at a 70s party...I'm not sure if I could imagine a woman wearing this to a modern 70's disco party. Maybe he was designing for himself this week.
I feel like I saw Laura Kathleen's look for sale at Banana Republic last year. It's definitely modern with a 70's nod, but it didn't pack a punch on the runway.
Laura Kathleen
I thought Suede's look was worthy of the bottom (and not just because the guy talks about himself in the third-person). The fabric was cheap looking and I couldn't tell if he clumped the fabric in the back awkwardly on purpose or accident. How did the judges over look this?


Based on the judges comments, I thought Casanova might have gotten the win because the judges seemed to have the least amount of negative comments about the outfit. They loved the color and were wowed by the back, but Georgina was concerned that the dress was a little short.  Surprisingly, Casanova was not the winner.


Ivy's dress was a little too "Atonement meets disco" for my tastes and I didn't think it really deserved a top spot. The judges main criticism was that it looked less expensive because the beading did not continue to the back, and thankfully Ivy was just safe.
The "New Uli" (as Uli referred to herself) shied away from the long flowy dresses of Uli's past and created a look that read more modern Native American Indian than disco diva to me (although there was an Indian in the Village People musical group). The judges had the least amount of criticisms for this look and gave Uli the win.


Andrae made the mistake of not listening to the judges criticism from last week and he created another confusing jacket. Once the model took off the jacket, the judges rather liked the outfit and Andrae was safe.
Kayne's look definitely fit the bill of being 70's, but also looked a bit like JLo. I appreciated that Kayne took the time to match his stripes, but his top looked a little cheap. The judges decided to keep Kayne around for another challenge.
It's never a good idea to take your outfit inspiration from what your tween aged daughter wears, and that's exactly what Wendy Pepper did. I was not a fan of the outfit and thought it was cheap looking and unfashionable, but I am super surprised that Wendy produced such crap and went home so early in the game.
Wendy "freaking" Pepper
Did you watch this week's episode of Project Runway All Star? What did you think of the judges decisions? Let me know in the comments below.

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