10 Summer Essentials

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Summer is in full swing and the heat is on here in England. Although 80 degrees (Fahrenheit)  seems down-right cool back in the States, here in England with no A/C it is sweltering. So I've gathered a list of my top 10 essentials that I turn to when the temperature rises.

1. A trendy straw hat- Not only does a trendy straw hat protect you from the sun, I think it can also take an outfit from bland to hip in one easy step.

2. sunglasses- Lately I've been wearing my prescription glasses all the time (because I'm too lazy to put in my contacts). When I do venture out in my contact lenses, sunglasses are a MUST to protect my eyes from the sun. Cat-eye, John Lennon, and wayfarer sunglasses are very on-trend this summer.

3. t-shirts- I practically LIVE in t-shirts in the summer because they're funky and comfy. They're the perfect grab and go top.

4. shorts- When the temperatures rise, so do the hemlines of my pants. A printed pair of shorts is a great on-trend item to have in your closet.

5. sandals/ jellies- A pretty sandal is a great way to show off your summer pedicure, and a waterproof jelly shoe will add style to your outfit when you head to the beach.

6. The Little White Dress (LWD)- We've all heard of the little black dress, but for those hot summer nights the little white dress is this year's must have.

7. sunscreen- With the increased daylight it's more important than ever to protect your skin with an SPF 15 or above sunscreen. These days I start my day by applying Oil of Olay SPF 15 moisturizer and Burt's Bee's Sun Protecting Lip Balm twice a day. When I'm going out, I make sure to apply either a sheer moisturizer or BB Cream with SPF 30 as my base.

8. Neon nail polish- Summer is the perfect time to rock a bold, neon nail color. My neon of choice is Glo Pink this year.

9. Tea Tree Water- I picked up a bottle of Tea Tree Water at Lush on a recent holiday and it has been a life saver for the summer. I love this toner because it hydrates my skin without drying it out and it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to prevent breakouts.

10. drinks- When it's hot outside our bodies tend to loose a lot of fluid, so it's important to hydrate regularly. While my main go-to drink is good ol' H20, when I want an adult beverage I've become a fan of Joe's cocktails and Pimm's with lemonade.

What are you're essentials in the summer? Let me know in the comments below.

This post was inspired by the IFB Project#104: Share Your Summer Essentials

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