Previously On Project Runway: Season 12, Episodes 3 and 4

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Episode 3
AKA Coney Island Corniness

Previously on Project Runway the designers visited Coney Island's Luna Park where they were divided into teams of 2. The teams then had to peddle free frozen yogurt samples to visitors and write down descriptive words about the frozen treat which they would later use as their outfit inspiration. Then the teams were sent out into Coney Island to win carnival toys to use as fabric for their garments. Let's take a look at their designs.


Karen and Bradon tried to take on an more avant garde approach with their sculptural design, but I didn't really the placement of the stuffing on the bum. Oh well! To each their own.

Jeremy and Ken went all bow-chicka-wow-wow 70's disco on their outfit. At least it was good 70's. I'd so wear those pants.

Sandro and Sue had a hard time working together, but I think it would be hard for Sandro to work with anyone, especially a woman. I was amazed that this team wasn't in the bottom. I got so mad when Sandro said "when a woman listens to a man, it is so cool"." It's like he's from a different planet! And I felt so bad for Sue when Sandro wouldn't compromise with her, so she just agreed to be Sandro's assistant. 


Alexandria and Dom created a fun, kitchy outfit (that looks a lot like Domo-kun). I wasn't sure if the judges would go for it, but I'm glad they did. The judges agreed that this outfit made them smile.

Helen and Kate got along like peas and carrots. Helen even apologized to the camera for calling Kate a bitch in earlier episodes. These girls knew exactly what they wanted to do when they got to Coney Island and collected a bunch of red sombreros. When it came down the runway it was clear that this dress was going to be the winner- you could read it all over guest judge, Kelly Osbourne's face. When the judges asked the girls who should get immunity if the dress won, the girls agreed that Helen should get it- and Helen was awarded the win.


Alexander and Justin really needed to edit their look. To me this was the worst outfit of the bottom (even though I still wanted Timothy to leave) because the "fin tails" made the model look hippy and the weird little embellishments fell off when the judges were examining the outfit. But the judges decided to keep Alexander and Justin safe.

Miranda and Timothy were full of drama in this episode. The Wisconsin duo decided to be friends at Coney Island, but in the work room the two could not agree on their construction, and when Timothy made some changes without consulting Miranda, Miranda started trash talking Timothy behind his back AND TO HIS FACE! This lead Timothy to grab his stuffed unicorn from Coney Island (didn't he remember that the toys were supposed to be for fabric!?) and to run, hide, and cry and read an endearing note from his model in the bathroom. The next day Miranda cried and apologized and they finished their look. Although their outfit wasn't very exciting, I thought it was very ready-to-wear. But Kelly Osbourne commented that she'd seen on-line tutorials on how to construct Timothy's vest, Timonthy's story about his model being on the Titanic didn't help, and the judges communicated that they expected more from a designer that specializes in using eco-friendly and recycled materials. In the end, Timothy was sent home.

Episode 4
Aka Fit to be Bow Tied

This episode started out with a punch as we see Helen and Sandro yelling it out in the runway break room and then Sandro stomped out of the studio, threatened and then punched a camera. Then the episode flashed back to 36 hours earlier as the designers prepared to discover what their next challenge would be. The designers got a visit from "Modern Family" actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson who introduced the designers to a huge selection of bow ties from his company, Tie The Knot, which supports marriage equality. The designers were asked to create a look using the bow ties as fabric. Let's take a look at the designs:


Karen's look was definitely inspired by the tie, but it looked a little sloppy. I mean, what is going on with that crotch?
Justin used the ties as piping to accentuate his model's figure. I thought it was kind of boring.
Ken also used the ties as piping. I wish some of the designers would have made the tie fabric more predominate. At least this was a good looking leather dress.
Helen had immunity from the previous challenge and just used the tie fabric to make a harness. The judges told Helen is was a good thing she had immunity or she may have been in the bottom. They wondered if she was only able to win immunity before because of Kate's help.
Alexander's outfit made his model look like one of those creepy porcelain clown dolls. He may have been safe, but I'm starting to question his taste level.
Alexandria's dress may not have featured the ties very much, but I thought it was very fashion forward. I'd take this one home with me.

Sandro's dress was an awful bubblegum pink color and the placement of his bow tie fabric was tacky. Throughout this episode Sandro was overly concerned about Zac Posen's criticism's from previous challenges and before walking off-stage with the rest of the safe designers, he demanded that the judges give him some feedback. When the judges communicated that they didn't love his outfit, Sandro stomped off stage. Back-stage Sandro started criticizing Helen's outfit and when Ken and the other designers started to intervene, Sandro left the studio.


Jeremy's heart was barely in it this week after he got news that his grandmother passed away just before this challenge. Kudos to Jeremy for carrying on and he created an outfit inspired by his grandmother's outfits in the 1940's. He landed in the bottom because the look wasn't very "fashion forward" and the judges didn't like the exposed belly-button, but Jeremy was to remain in the competition.
Sue spent twice the recommended budget on fabric and ended up making two dresses before settling on sending this black jersey maxi dress with a weird, octopus-like harness and train down the runway. The judges were really surprised that this is what she came up with and she may have been eliminated, but Tim announced that Sandro had left the show and would not be returning, so the judges kept Sue safe.
Miranda created a look that seemed very "home sewn" this week and (surprise surprise) she turned her tank into a crop top at the last minute. I thought it was a toss up between the judges sending Miranda or Sue home, but Sandro's leaving kept them both in the competition. 


Dom created another fun, young and fashionable look with stripped shirting fabric arranged in varying directions for the dress and the tie fabric for the bib collar. This was my favourite look of the top and Dom is quickly becoming one of my favourite designers this season.
Kate was on top again this week. This time she created an equestrian inspired look with a feminine tunic and she mimicked the bow tie shape in her leather tuxedo striped pants. While I really liked this look, I'm glad the judges awarded the win to someone else.
Bradon may have had the best challenge ever. He created a tweed short suit set and made a tank entirely out of bow ties using a technique called faggoting. He definitely made the ties the main focus of his outfit! After Bradon was awarded the win, Bradon decided to take the opportunity to propose to his boyfriend of 16 years. At the end of the show, the episode flashed forward 2 weeks later to Bradon talking to his boyfriend on-line as his boyfriend announced that Prop 8 was overturned and then Bradon's boyfriend proposes TO HIM! So then Bradon told his boyfriend that he'd actually proposed to his boyfriend first on a yet-to-be-aired episode. In conclusion, they both accepted. Awe!
What did you think of these two episodes? Did the right people win/ get kicked off? Were you surprised by Sandro's walk-off? What about Sandro's comments to Sue? Let me know in the comments below.

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