Wardorbe Architect Week 4: My Silhouettes

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Week 4 of the Wardrobe Architect series was focused on creating silhouettes that we feel most comfortable. For the exercise we were asked to create some formulas for what we like to wear. First I thought I'd examine some silhouettes I actually wear.

Summer Wardrobe

1) trapeze tank + skinny/straight leg jeans-
      Normally I'd think that this silhouette might be unflattering to my pear/triangle figure since the top skims the smallest part of my body (my waist), but some how this seems to work on me.

2) fitted t-shirt + printed shorts-
     Usually I try to avoid shorts because I don't feel that my legs are my best asset (and let's face it, I don't like to shave), but sometimes the hot weather makes shorts unavoidable. Because my printed shorts are black and white they almost act like a neutral colored short and disguise my bottom half.

3) fitted scoop neck 3/4 sleeve + high waisted shorts
     My striped 3/4 sleeve tops are my favorite clothes of the moment because the neckline is flattering and it shows off my shape. The high waisted belt on my shorts hits close to my smallest part accenting my small waist.

Typical summer wardrobe 2013

Fall/ Winter Wardrobe
Since I currently work in a school, my fall/winter wardrobe mostly consists of what I wear to work. I like for my clothes to be easy to mix and match freely.

1) colored/ printed button down + straight leg jeans (or bootcut jeans)-
     This is my typical work uniform on days when I don't feel like giving my clothing too much thought.

2) fitted long-sleeve tee + bootcut jeans (or straight let jeans or colored crop pants)-
      Another work uniform. I'm not sure if the colored crops work with my pear shaped figure, but sometimes I like a pop of color.

3) sweatshirt + skinny/straight leg pants-
     This is my attempt at being a little trendy in the casual work environment although I'm not sure how flattering the sweatshirt is on my figure.

Typical Work Attire

It's really important for me to wear silhouettes that flatter my triangle/ pear shaped figure, so next I examined silhouettes that I like, but don't necessarily wear.

1) a-line midi skirt + tucked in button-down ( or fitted tee)-
     I don't have a good day-to-day midi skirt, but it seems like this would be a good silhouette for my body shape.

2) circle skirt + fitted top-
     I do own a circle skirt, but I don't get to wear it as much as I'd like to.

3) ruffle top + bootcut jeans + cardigan (or blazer)-
     Not so long ago I used to live in cardigans and blazers in the fall and winter, but blazers and cardigans seem to formal to wear at my current job. I'd love to re-incorporate them into my weekend wear.

4) dresses that accent the waist (with a belt or change of color)-
     I don't wear dresses very often, but when I do I feel that these are the most flattering.

5) flat front shorts + fitted tee-
     I don't think I have any "flat-front" shorts, but it's likely that this style would be most flattering for me.

As Sarai said, this exercise was a huge eye opener for me and really helped me to see where the holes in my wardrobe are, and where I could be a little more critical. I can't wait to see what the next challenge will be.

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