Rude, Crude, and Tattooed

Friday, October 24, 2014
On September 27th I attended the 10th Annual London International Tattoo Convention at the Tobacco Docks in Shadewell, London. Not only did I attend because I appreciate the art form, I also attended to be tattooed by one of my favorite tattoo artists, Kid-Kros, of Split, Croatia. 

The line of people without advanced tickets waiting to enter the convention was huge.

A Tobacco Dock boat.

Besides getting tattooed, there were tons of things to see and do at the convention. There were tattoo artists from TV such as Ami James and Megan Massacre from Miami Ink and NY Ink, pin up models like Sabina Kelley from Best Ink, fire eaters, strippers, acrobats, artwork and merchandise for sale, and rock bands. However, since I was getting a rather large tattoo, I didn't get to see a whole lot of the other things going on at the convention as I was in the tattoo booth most of the time.

There was a taco truck, BBQ truck, coffee truck and bar with pub food at the event. I stuck with tacos because a good taco in England is hard to find.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of Kid-Kros or his lovely wife or the tattoo artist from Barcelona and the artist's friend from Berlin who shared the booth with us. Although getting tattooed was painful, I enjoyed listening to the tattoo artists' talk about where they were from, meeting other artists and attendees, and getting compliments on my newest tat.

After the convention I met up with my London BFF to show off my freshly wrapped arm and eat some American style burgers, milkshakes, and chili cheese fries. Goodtimes!

Me and my friend showing off our tatted "guns"

Want to see more images from the convention? Check out this article from The Guardian with pictures from the convention. The lady getting most of her leg tattooed was in a booth an aisle away from me. As I was getting my tattoo I just reminded myself that my arm probably hurts less than her leg.

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