What I'm Listening To: Brotherhood of Man 'Save Your Kisses for Me'

Saturday, April 4, 2015
Hello everyone! This week I attended the live performance of the Eurovision Song Contest 60th Anniversary and it was amazeballs! Sixteen of the best Eurovision acts from the past 60 years performed such as Conchita Wurst, Loreen, Lordi (the Finnish band, not the singer), and Dana International, plus Graham Norton and Petra Mede hosted, and Riverdance was there.

Before attending the performance I tried to research some of the older Eurovision acts that would be performing, so I'd know what I was in for. One group I was really unsure if I would enjoy was Brotherhood of Man. I just didn't get it when I watched the clip of their 1976 performance! But after seeing the group in person and watching the crowds of people sing and dance along, I understood the appeal. Check out a clip of their 1976 performance of "Save Your Kisses for Me" above.

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