What's Making Me Laugh: Caga Tio and the Caganers

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Hello Friends! Are you looking for a new holiday tradition? During a recent visit to Barcelona, I learned that locals don't celebrate the holiday with Santa Clause or Father Christmas. Instead, they celebrate with Caga Tio (a.k.a. Caga Tio de Nadal) or "Uncle Poop". Caga Tio makes his appearance on Dec. 8 during the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and children under 12 feed him and keep him warm by covering him with a blanket in the days leading up to Christmas. On Dec. 24th children sing a song to Caga Tio threatening to hit him if he doesn't poop out any treats, then they beat the log with a stick and go up to their rooms to pray while Caga Tio (with parent assistance) poops out their presents under the blankets. Check out this video featureing Anthony Bourdain and Nora Jones to observe:

Also, it is popular in Catalonia to add a Caganer or defecating peasant who wears a red cap to family nativity scenes for added giggles. You'll also find many shops around the Barcelona Christmas Markets selling celebrity figures as Caganers.

The more you know! Enjoy!

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