When Good Ideas Happen (But Someone Else Had The Idea First)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Has this ever happened to you? You suddenly are struck with a great idea to create something and you're totally jazzed about it and then you Google it and learn that somebody has already done it. 

Earlier this month I discovered that the Joy of Painting is on Netflix. I loved watching Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting on my local PBS station when I was little. I used to stumble across it on the weekend like it was a happy accident and I'd be transfixed until the show was over. I'd also recently read a lot of facts about Bob Ross's life- like he used to be an Air Force Master Sergeant in Alaska and he painted at least 3 versions of every painting he did on the show (See more at Mental Floss). So, naturally I dove in and started watching the shows again on Netflix and, being a painter myself, I thought to myself "what if I sat down and attempted to paint all of Bob Ross's paintings myself". I was jazzed!

A few days later I was browsing on the internet to try to find some more art shows to watch, when I found this article from the Huffington Post about a lady who is painting along with all 403 of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting series. 


I know there's nothing really stopping me from going ahead and painting through the television series myself, but it doesn't seem nearly as novel after learning that someone else has already done it first. 

Time to think up some new ideas. 

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