The Best of 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017
My 2017 word of the year was...

And persist I did. 2017 has felt like a year of transitions. I started off the the year working at a new job site, (like it or not) a new President, I attended class at two different collages, and later got a new car (no more relying solely on public transportation!) which meant new adventures and more trips out of the city.

What I Made in 2017

As far as my makes go, my creativity seems to have flowed in waves. At the start of the year I did a lot of knitting for The National Women's March, Standing Rock, and The American Heart Associations- Little Hats Big Hearts campaign. In the spring I did some drawing and painting, creating some drawings for The Virtual Paintout, did a portrait of actor Stanley Tucci, discovered some live drawing platforms via Facebook such as Draw This! and created some landscape paintings inspired by Andre Derain' before taking a hiatus to focus on school. It's safe to say I ended the year on another knitting kick that shows no sign of stopping. My blogging definitely got cast aside this year, but I'm hoping to have more to talk about in 2018.

Re-cap of Goals from last year:
  • Make at least one out-of-state trip.  X
In 2017 I took a few out of state trips to neighboring states; I visited nearby Vancouver and Seattle, Washington and I visited Venice Beach, California.

  • Finish 8 canvas paintings. 6 out of 8
I worked on a series of impressionist style landscapes from around the world inspired by Andre Derain' earlier this year and I did a few more Virtual Paintout drawings.
  • Take a college class. X X
I took not one, but two college classes this year.
  • Craft for a cause. X
  • Meet my reading goal. Fail
I may have set my goal a bit too high this year. I'd aimed to read 50 books this year, but work, school and crafting seemed to get in the way, so I only read 25 this year. 


My 2018 word of the year is...


If 2017 was a year of persisting through transition, my hope is that as I become more comfortable in my surroundings and in my own skin, that I'll be more bold, confident, outspoken (when needed) and take more risks.  

My Goals for 2018

  • Travel Internationally
  • Go home- In 2017 friends and family visited me, so in 2018 I need to visit them.
  • Get credentialed- Now that I've completed my college classes, I just need to submit some paperwork to add a new set of acronyms after my name. 
  • Sew something- I've ordered Tilly & the Button's Love at First Stitch in the hope of upping my sewing game.
  • Read 25 books
Honorable mention:
  • Draw and paint something.
  • Knit all the things.
  • Collect all the Christmas yarn for a 2018 festive box of socks.
How did your 2017 resolutions go? What are your plans for 2018? Let me know in the comments below. 

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