Cute Shoes for 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Every girl knows that she needs the 10 basic shoe essentials:

1. A flat black shoe
2. A neutral shoe
3. A black heeled shoe
4. A metallic shoe
5.A sandal
6. A sneaker
7. A tall boot
8. Winter boot
9. Rain boot
10. A fun party shoe

I tend to stick to one casual shoe/sneaker and wear it everyday until the sole is worn and pulls away and I get holes in the toes, unless it's a special occasion. This was okay while I was a student, but now that it's time for me to find a job, I thought it was time to expand my shoe closet.

I already have many of the essentials in my closet that haven't been getting a lot of wear which I aim to remedy. So, to start off the new year on the right foot (pun definitely intended), I purchased 2 new shoes for spring.

I got neutral beige flats and metallic gold kitten heels

Can you believe that I was able to purchase both pairs at K-Mart online for $20 including shipping!? I took advantage of their buy one get one half off sale that ran at the start of the new year.
The beige shoe goes with everything and is great for the spring to elongate my legs and give the illusion that I'm wearing no shoes at all. The gold shoe was recently featured on another fashion blog that I read, Fab Finds Under 50 where she gives some great outfit ideas to go along with the gold shoes. While you're there, check out her daily outfit inspiration calender and get inspired on what to wear.

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