SATC 2 Movie Review

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alright. So, it's been a few weeks since I've seen SATC 2 (Sex and the City 2). I've read the reviews (most bad, some good) and I wanted to weigh in on the matter.

Let me begin by saying that I expected to like this movie before I even set foot in the theater. I was instantly a fan of the show from the time that I discovered it (midway into season 2) on HBO; I own all of the SATC seasons on DVD; and I loved Sex and the City- The movie and own that on DVD as well.

So here is my take on the film.

The Good:
  • I loved seeing all of my favorite SATC characters together again.
  • The Fashions!
  • (The best line in the film) Miranda as she addresses the surprise appearance by Ms. Minelli: “It’s a law of physics: any time there’s this much gay energy in a room, Liza manifests.”
  • The scene where Charlotte and Miranda share their gripes about motherhood over martini's.

The Bad:
  • Anthony and Stanford!? Together!? Nonononono! That was never supposed to happen!
  • Speaking of men, where were Big, Steve, Harry, and Smith? They barely got any face time!
  • Too much time in Abu Dhabi! The show is called Sex AND THE CITY because it takes place mostly in NYC!
  • (Worst line in the film) Samantha who refers to her on-screen heartthrob as "Lawrence of my Labia"
The Ugly:
  • I've always been a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, but this movie made me want to bitch slap her! Why is she sneaking off to have dinner with Aiden!? And why would she call Big and risk ending her marriage over a tiny little kiss!? ARG!
  • My biggest gripe of all is that after 2.5 hours, I didn't feel like this movie advanced the characters or the storyline. In "SATC- The Movie" we saw Carrie dump Big and then marry him, Charlotte have a baby, Miranda and Steve break up and get back together, and Samantha finish chemo and decide that she prefers life without a man. In this movie, Stanford and Anthony get married, the girls take a trip to Abu Dhabi, Carrie kisses Aiden, and she thinks Big is mad at her. The second movie doesn't even come close to the action in the first film and I feel like any hardcore SATC fan could have written a juicier story.

In conclusion, did I enjoy the film? Yes. It was a girly fun time. But, I hope to see the characters on the big screen again with more hip fashions, more men and more city.

Did you see the film? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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