Project Runway Season 8: Episodes 5 & 6

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Episode 5 of Project Runway split the designers into 2 teams of 6 and challenged them to create a six piece collection for Fall 2010 based off of trends for the season. Team Luxe was made up of the seasons challenge winners (Michael Costello, Gretchen, Christopher, Andy, Ivy and A.J.) who chose to make a collection inspired by Camel (color) and menswear. Team Military and Lace (aka. team Loser, April, Mondo, Michael D, Valerie, Casanova and Peach) chose military and lace themes.

Gretchen clearly took the lead for Team Luxe and basically designed the collection and delegated who made what pieces. Team Military and Lace took a more traditional approach and each designer created their own look in their own styles using the military and lace theme to keep their looks cohesive as a whole.

During the episode, Casanova had a meltdown and threatened to go home after Tim Gunn told him that his outfit was looking a bit "granny" (obviously he hasn't heard that you shouldn't argue with Tim if you want to win). But, Casanova's teammates chatted with him and ultimately his model was able to pull him out of his funk and Casanova whipped up a pair of pants and took home a challenge win.

Casanova's look

Team Luxe surprisingly landed in the bottom. As the judges criticized their looks, Team Luxe first decided to band together and declare that they were all equally responsible for the looks and no designer was worse than the other. But, Gretchen soon changed her tune, and so did the others, and they each decided that Michael C. contributed the least but he had immunity. In the end, each designer pointed out the garment(s) he/she made and A.J. was sent home because he'd only made one ugly looking shirt-dress.

At the end of the episode, Tim Gunn entered the work room chewed out Team Luxe for letting Gretchen bully them and take the lead over their team.

A.J.'s losing look

Episode 6 challenged the designers to use "real women" models and turn the model's old bridesmaids gowns into something wearable.

Gretchen was noticeably less annoying this week, however there was still drama in the workroom. Christopher's original model (and dress) bailed on him, so he was given a replacement model and a whole new (and even more hideous) dress to work with.

Before the runway show, the designers showed off their gowns in a public showcase where guests voted on their favorite looks. At the showcase, Ivy was convinced that Michael C. had been telling the guests not to vote for her because she was this seasons B****. Mondo ended up being the public favorite at the showcase.

Mondo's dress

I really liked Mondo's, Casanova's and Ivy's looks, but the judges voted Michael C. as the winner (much to the other designers dismay). I thought Michael C's dress was a bit too goth myself, but I suppose it was well made.

Michael C.'s dress

Peach, Valerie and Michael D. were on the bottom and Peach's "avocado napkin" dress was sent home. Is it wrong for me to say that it was about flippin' time for Peach to go home? Her taste level is just not in PR's league.

What did you think about these two episodes? Are the right people being sent home? Let me know in the comments below.

My top picks after episode 6: I'm sticking with Valerie (despite her bad dress), Gretchen and Andy

Bottom: April, Michael D. and Casanova.

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