Project Runway Season 8: Episodes 7 & 8

Monday, September 20, 2010
Project Runway Season 8, Episode 7 was the Michael Kors challenge. The designers got to have brunch on a boat before Michael Kors told the designers that they would be creating a resort wear look. The twist was that the designers would be both designing and sample making as the designers would have to sew another contestant's garment to their specifications. The teams were:

Michael D./Ivy
Mondo/Michael C.

Mondo and Michael C were the headliners of this episode. Mondo threw a huge fit when he learned that he was paired with Michael C., but they ended up working really well together and by the end of the episode they were the best of buddies.

Ivy and Michael D. also didn't get along because Ivy didn't think Michael D.'s sewing skills were up to snuff (but she'd probably feel this way about any designer she was paired with).

Each designer was judged by the looks they sent down the runway regardless of which one they sewed. Ivy, Mondo, and Cassanova were in the bottom 3 and Cassanova was sent home because the judges thought his look was "too granny".

Cassanova's Loosing Look

Personally, I thought that Cassanova's look was the best of the bottom looks and I thought Mondo's K-mart swim suit totally missed the "resort wear" mark and should have been sent home.

Mondo's K-mart-chic Look

Michael D., April, and Andy were the top 3 designers, and the judges picked April's "goth baby-doll" as the winner. I thought April's look seemed more suited for the bedroom than for the beach and I thought Andy's swimsuit and cover up was the clear winner.

April's Winning Look

Andy's Fabulous Look (that should have won)

Conclusion: After watching this episode, I felt like I have no idea what the judges are looking for anymore and I think many of the designers are feeling the same way. I'm also going to miss Cassanova and his accent and melt-downs.


Project Runway Season 8, Episode 8
challenged the designers to create an American Sportswear look inspired by Jackie O, but still maintaining the designers own aesthetic. The twist in this episode was that on Day 2, Tim announced that the designers would have to create a additional outerwear piece. Many of the designers struggled with these challenges.

Mondo was the clear winner of this challenge, and Ivy finally showed off her sewing and design skills to come in second.

Mondo's Winning Look was both Mondo and Jackie O.

Michael D. and Andy were the bottom two designers. Andy's look was very Andy (if Andy had a crazy crotch and wore ill fitting t-shirts), but it was definitely not Jackie O. However, Michael D.'s look was very fashion-backwards instead of fashion-forward and ill-fitted and proportioned which ultimately lead to his departure.

Michael D.'s Look

Conclusion: Episode 8 proved that Project Runway is still anyone's game and that all it takes is one misstep and you'll hear Heidi say "auf wiedersehen."
Top picks after episode 7: Andy (I still think he's got some good design in him), Gretchen, and Christopher

April, Michael C. (I don't quite understand what his sense of style it), and Valerie (she hasn't shined since the early episodes, so she's been demoted).

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