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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Last week I set off in search for my perfect go-to shoe since my previous pair of black Airwalk flats (similar to the ones below but it black) were finally on their last legs.

Now, I'm the type of lady that prefers to have one super comfy, super versatile shoe that I can wear ALL THE TIME. A shoe that will take me from work to fun time, from day to night, and can be worn with most of my wardrobe. After browsing a couple of shoe stores and rejecting many shoes, I walked away with these babies:

Meet my new "go-to" shoes. They are Natural Soul by Natralizer Nerva's and they are comfy, cute, versatile and playground and coffee shop friendly (even if the kids on the playground call them grandma shoes) . For more info about the shoes, click on the link above. Also, feel free to tell me what you think about my shoes or tell me about you're "go-to shoes."

Note: I am in no way being compensated or affiliated with Naturalizer brand shoes. I simply want to show off my new shoes to my blogger friends.

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