Alegria: it's not a pharmaceutical company

Sunday, January 2, 2011
Last week I got to see Cirque du Solei's Alegria in my hometown with my best man and lady friend (+ her parents). I've never been to Vegas or seen a Cirque du Solei performance, and even though I was in the nose-bleed seats, I still though the show was spectacular!

I thought this was a major highlight:

The hand balancing act

Not only was the hand balancing act mind blowing (how can that guy twist around on those poles without falling over!?), but the man was wearing half-pants (how can that guy twist around on those poles like that without falling out of his pants!?)

aforementioned half-pants

So, ladies and gentlemen, I have decided that these half-Speedo/half-tights need to find their way into mainstream fashion. That is all!

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