What I Got For Christmas 2010

Thursday, January 6, 2011
I know. Christmas was soooo last year. But, I still wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas.

I got a pair of Temple St. Clair for Target earrings, a white button down shirt from Kohl's, an orange/ red plaid button-down, 2 Nick and Nora sock monkey pajama sets (fleece from my parents, cotton from The Boy), and a slinky maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters.

Nick and Nora sock monkey slippers

And Paul Frank slipper socks

And Kirby's Epic Yarn (swoon!)

Plus, I got a whole haul of new fun socks (Paul Frank Halloween socks, argyle knee socks, hydrating jammie socks and cabled brown socks) and a pair of black hydrating butter gloves (not pictured).

What did you get for Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Winter Break/ ect.? Let me know in the comments below.

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