Two Red Barbie Dresses

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
1950's Style Dress with Stole

This dress took a LOT of work. I used this free pattern by Donna Collinsworth and the requested white and red thread and a size 8 hook (instead of 7). I decided that this pattern was best tackled in shifts to salvage my hands, as some of the bottom rows of the white skirt took an hour per row alone. After completing my stole pieces, I opted to use my Liquid Stitch sewing glue to attach the white scalloped piece to the red rather than sew them together (which would take more work).

Bell Dress

For the Bell Dress I used worsted weight Red Heart yarn in red, Lion Brand Fun Fur in white, an H hook, and this free pattern. Since the yarn was so much thicker than that #10 crochet cotton, this dress crocheted up much easier and faster. I even had time to add a purse.

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