Birthday List 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011
Hey everyone! It's almost my birthday! Here are a couple of things that I'm wishing for today.

Birthday List 2011

I'd also like to get my hands on a copy of Tina Fey's Bossypants, The Social Animal by David Brooks, and Stitch'n Bitch Superstar knitting by Debbie Stoller. I'd also like to add a pair of Tom's shoes and some moccasins to my shoe collection and get 500 days of Summer, Toy Story 3, and The British Office series, to name a few.

So far, my birthday plans have already included getting my hair done, eating sushi with The Boy, and promises to have my cell phone upgraded and renters insurance paid off (I feel like an old person, to list having my bills paid as birthday gifts). I'll try to do a post-birthday blog post in the upcoming week.

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