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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
This week Blogilates has started a new month long fitness collaboration to encourage POPster's to loose weight with the DietBet. Now at first I was like "why is Cassey encouraging me to loose weight"?  I mean, isn't the whole Blogilates idea to get fit and feel beautiful on the inside rather than be superficially thin...and then I remembered that I was hoping to slim down before my impending (milestone) birthday and decided to jump on the bandwagon. 

The idea of the DietBet is simple- that by betting $25 that you will loose 4% of your body weight in 1 month you get to join an encouraging online community of other folks hoping to loose weight and those who meet their fitness goal at the end of the month get to split the pot of money (which is over $25,000 right now). 

To get started, I had to submit a "before picture" and a picture of my scale. I also took my measurements (36-29-42) so I could compare them to the end. 

I need to loose about 6 lbs. by the end of the month to meet my goal.

Meeting my goal may be a challenge because I seem to be at a weight loss plateau. I was able to loose my first 5 lbs. easily by watching what I eat and exercising more frequently, but I've been stuck at the same weight ever since. 

To kick off my first day on the DietBet I started off my morning with Blogilates protein pancakes.

I followed it up by doing a day's worth of Blogliates exercises and jogging a mile with The Boy in the evening. 

Wish me luck on meeting my goal!

Are you doing the Blogliates DietBet? Do you have any fitness or diet tips (that don't include starvation)? Let me know in the comments below.

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