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Thursday, June 27, 2013
This week's IFB Project Challenge was to write about a brand that you would like to work with. Obviously my ideal collaboration would be with a brand that fits with my own, ever-changing personal-style (which at the moment is about one part classic, one part vintage/ retro, and one part boho, and one part riot grrl). It's also important to me that the brand be affordable for most people(although I do love me some Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs) and that the brand support eco-friendly and ethical practices. I also like a brand that supports independent designers.

ASOS is all about celebrating twenty-somethings who are influenced by friends, fashion and social media through affordable fashion. And last time I checked, I am a twenty-something lady (for at least a little while longer) who meets their demographics. Their website hosts a wide variety of styles from trendy to basics, so I always have a wide array of ASOS items in my wishlist. ASOS also supports independent lables and eco-friendly and ethically made clothing through The Green Room. And the fact that they do free shipping (even internationally) is just the icing on the cake. ASOS basically checks off all of my collaboration criteria. So what are they waiting for!?

Celebrities in ASOS

My ASOS Wishlist

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