Previously On Project Runway: Season 12, Episode 9

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Aka. Let's Do Brunch

Previously on Project Runway the designers were treated to a nice afternoon brunch where Tim informed the designers that they would be creating a day-to-night look for the modern Southern woman. It was pretty apparent that most of the designers had no idea what a woman from the South wears as many either created gowns (think: Scarlett O'Hara) or gravitated towards picnic blanket plaid. The winning look(s) would be sold at Belk. Let's take a look at the designs:


In the workroom Justin had planned on using black fabric with his corral fabric. Lucky for him, he listened to Tim's advise to ditch the black or risk his outfit becoming Haloweeny. The result was a nice dress that fit the brief, but didn't stand out.
Helen's gown was more suited for night-time than for the day. I could maybe imagine a modern southern woman wearing this to a charity ball. I could also maybe see this hanging on the clearance rack at a fancy gown store. It wasn't really my cup of tea.
I thought Alexandria was going to end up in the bottom this week. She seemed rather lost in the workroom this week and I thought her asymmetrical neckline and handkerchief hem looked rather sloppy. I guess the judges felt it was more modern than some of the other looks.

Alexander's dress was my favorite of the top 3 despite having used a plaid print and handkerchief hem. I rather liked the plaid print that he chose and thought his top fit well and you could easily take this dress from day to night. He was kept safe.
Kate's dress was my second favorite. I thought her dress could easily be worn by many different people. However, I'm not too keen on the color orange. Kate was safe this week.
I wasn't a huge fan of the plaid print that Bradon chose, but I will admit that he used the fabric in an interesting way. Bradon was selected as the winner this week.


In a rather strange twist, the judges believed that the bottom 3 designers didn't understand the brief (a likely story considering that Dom's mother from New Orleans inspired her look, and Ken if from Atlanta in the South) and they decided to ask the bottom 3 designers to select a helper and return to the workroom for an hour to re-do their looks.

Dom wanted to show the designers that she could make something without a print. However, she should have stuck to what she does best because her first look was forgettable.
Dom #1
When Dom returned to the workroom, she decided to utilize her discarded print fabric to create a while new dress. The judges liked her second look so much that they decided to sell this look at Belk too.
Dom #2
Ken set out to win this challenge, but ended up making a purple high-low maxi dress that either looked like an evening dress or a night gown depending on who you ask. Either way is was pretty boring.
Ken #1
In the workroom, Ken altered his dress from evening wear to club wear. I thought his altered skirt was too short and looked rough around the edges. I thought Ken would be sent home, but the judges kept him safe to pout another day.
Ken #2
Jeremy's printed dress and jacket were too "old lady".
Jeremy #1
The judges commended Jeremy's second look as his most modern look to date. But his look was also rather simple compared to the other looks and Jeremy was out.
Jeremy #2
With 5 episodes left my top 3 picks are Dom, Kate and either Alexandria or Bradon and I think Ken's days are numbered. Did you catch this week's episode of Project Runway? Did you agree with the judges decisions? Who are your top 3 picks and whose going home next? Let me know in the comments below.

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