Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 3, Episode 2

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
AKA Creepy Crawly Chic

Previously on Project Runway All Stars the designers went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History where the designers were asked to create an avant-gard look inspired by insects. After doing some sketching and taking their trips to Mood, the designers were relieved to be able to work in an actual workspace rather than the Mood basement.

During the workroom critiques, Melissa had a mini-break down and tears start flowing from both Melissa and Elena. Both Melissa and Mychael ended up changing their outfits completely.
The guest judges this week are previous Project Runway winner Anya Ayoung-Chee and jewellery designer, Jennifer Meyer. Let's take a look at the designs.


Viktor played it safe this week by taking inspiration from his insects colors and creating a gown with a cape. I'm not sure if this is really avant-gard.
Seth Aaron's dress looked like a futuristic armour dress- that's almost borderline costume.
Seth Aaron
Korto's outfit reminded me of a modern take on a 'Sexy Edward Scissorhands' costume. There were some elements I liked- like the pants.
Christopher's look had the shape of an insect, but he didn't need to add spikes to his model's arms.

Irina was inspired by a yellow and black millipede and was smart to omit the yellow color. Her look was one of the few that played with volume and the texture of her dress emulated the bugs legs. Irina was safe this week.

Since Elena won the challenge last week, she got first pick of her insect inspiration this week and she chose a grasshopper. The coloring of her outfit is a really literal interpretation of her insect, but it also has a warrior woman edge to it that makes this outfit look like an 'Elena' outfit although I'm not sure how avant-gard it was. Elena was safe.
It was a good thing that Mychael scrapped his first worm inspired outfit, because the judges loved his neoprene cocoon dress and thought that it was avant-gard, expensive looking and chic. Mychael was the deserved winner this week. 


Jeffery's look was inspired by the scorpion, but in the workroom Mychael compared it to the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. On the runway Anya said it looked like it could be worn by Lady Gaga's backup dancers and Isaac called the look un-wearable, but Jeffery was quick to defend his outfit and point out that this was an avant-gard challenge.

Although I didn't understand the outfit myself, I was glad Jeffery was kept safe.
Melissa's look was inspired by a spider and while the judges concluded that they liked Melissa's dress, they all agreed that it wasn't avant-gard enough. I felt like Melissa could have done so much more with her inspiration- like incorporate more with the spider's coloring. In the end, Melissa was safe.
Daniel wanted to create a look that could look like a suit of armour but docile like his insect. However the judges weren't impressed by his overall use of brown, Isaac didn't like the neck cowl and Anya thought his mix of plastic fabric and lame' cheapened his look. I was both sad and surprised to see that Daniel was out.

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