Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 3, Episode 4

Thursday, November 21, 2013
A.k.a. Back to School

Previously on Project Runway All Stars the designers got to go on a field trip via school bus to P.S. 212 in midtown Manhattan where the designers were informed that they would be creating an unconventional challenge. Since this All Stars season followed a season full of unconventional challenges, I thought the designers would act like old pros, but they were shaking in their boots. The designers had to use materials from an art classroom to create their looks. After the runway, all of the designs would be auctioned off to raise money for P.S. 212. Let's take a look at the designs.


This week we had only 2 safe designers, Irina and Seth Aaron. I really enjoyed Irina's girly, kitchy take on the unconventional challenge with a paper flower skirt. I thought it embodied the fun and happiness of an art classroom that both kids and adults could enjoy. Seth Aaron's outfit was a little more 'out there,' but his remix of the rubber ball as a hat was genius!  
Seth Aaron

Elena was really freaked out by this challenge because she got kicked out on an unconventional challenge during her season, but she managed to land on top this time. Elena stuck to her aesthetic (which is starting to bore me...much like on her previous season) with a color-blocked, geometric-y sheath dress. Although the judges can't deny how well made it is, Elena is just safe this week.
Initially Viktor entered the workroom without a plan of action, but after chatting with Elena, Elena showed Viktor a technique for cutting plastic rulers to make fringe that she was considering using but Viktor swiped the idea and created a look the judges loved. Guest judge, Gabourey Sidibe, commented that she liked to judge outfits by considering if she could imagine Beyonce' wearing them and this was a Beyonce' dress. Viktor was safe this week.
Christopher commented that the bus ride and visit to the school reminded Christopher of his early childhood struggles of being teased at school for being gay, so he aimed to create a dress with an anti-bullying message. When Christopher tried to explain the story behind his dress, Isaac scoffed and said "who hasn't been bullied," but the judges like his look anyway and awarded Christopher the win.

Mychael created a dress made from construction paper and jump rope that looked like it was created from construction paper and jump rope. Mychael had originally planned to do something with melted crayon that didn't workout, so it was mostly a 'make it work' dress. Although the dress was clearly nearly falling apart, the judges liked the way Mychael contoured the jump rope bustier to the model. Mychael was safe.
Korto set out to create an outfit inspired by her own daughter, but it appeared that time got away from her. Korto's look used rubber bands, bean bags and rulers and while the top half of her dress looked pretty good, the bottom was a complete flop. Isaac called out the proportions for being off and Georgina recognized that even Korto knew this look was bad.
Jeffrey used floor mats, folders and jump ropes to create a look which he called 'Japanese anime' girl in mid-twirl". The judges didn't really see the reference and the judges (and I) were put off by the fact that they had to blur her naughty bits (front and back) from being on camera. After spending this season on the bottom and this mistake, I truly thought that Jeffery was gong to be out.
The judges deliberated and it appeared that they made a decision, but in the end Alyssa told the bottom 3 that their looks were equally bad and there would be no elimination, but the bottom 3 need to step up their game (to which I yelled at my TV screen in response). How in the heck did Jeffrey not get sent home!?

Did you catch this week's episode? Did you agree with the judges? Let me know in the comments below. 

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