Tracking My Wardrobe

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
I've been in hardcore spring cleaning mode and this week I decided to tackle my closet. Inspired by Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect series, I decided to take an inventory of my current wardrobe using Coletterie's wardrobe inventory template in order to see what all of my hard-earned spending money has been going towards, see what items need pairing down, and what items I need to add.

My total came to 293.2 items (Including bras, panties, purses, scarves and outerwear).

Accessories, shoes and outerwear = 77
Shoes = 22
Handbags =  6
Winter Hats = 7
Belts = 8
Scarves (winter and all season) = 20
Coats = 2
Jackets = 10
Gloves = 2

Intimates = 89.9
Panties = 18
Bras = 8
Sports Bras = 7
Socks = 27
Tights = 12
Pajamas = 4.5
Work out tops = 8
Work out bottoms = 3
Swimsuits = 2

Dresses = 13

Bottoms = 33
Jeans = 6
Black pants = 1
other pants (including wool pants, white pants, and cords) = 9
shorts = 5
skirts = 12

Tops = 63
Blouses = 13
Knit tops = 50

Here's what this exercise taught me:

  • I have WAY too many socks and knit tops. I don't need to purchase/make more of these items until I pair down what I have.
  • I have nearly as many sports bras as I do regular bras but I don't nearly wear sports bras as often.
  • I am lacking in woven tanks and blouses to wear to work or on nights on the town.
  • Although I have more 'going out' dresses than I need, I don't have very many casual dresses that are casual enough to wear to work.
  • I don't have very many pairs of shorts.
I will definitely be considering what I learned from this exercise as I start re-building my ideal wardrobe. 

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