25 Items You Definitely Might Want To Consider Tossing By Age 30

Friday, July 18, 2014
This week the celebrity/ fashion blog WhoWhatWear wrote a post about the 25 Items You Definitely Need to Toss by Age 30 (which was inspired by Olivia Wilde's well written list of Do's and Don'ts of Turning 30 from Glamour magazine).

Olivia Wilde is so cool!
Image from the post http://www.whowhatwear.com/turning-30-fashion/slide1
As someone who may or may not be over 30, I thought it might be fun to check out WhoWhatWear's suggestions and see where I stack up:

1. Super duper low rise jeans. 
I don't have any problem with this suggestion. I've never been a fan of jeans that expose the top of my butt crack when I sit down and I've tried to rid them from my closet ages ago.

2. Your job interview suit that you wore in your 20s. 
But what if my job interview suit from my 20s still works? I mean, it's not like my original suit came from the junior department of JC Penny's (no offense if yours did). I think it's okay to hold on to that original suit if it's a classic and still fits as long as you can mix and match it with fresh pieces.

3. Little Girl Shoes (saddle shoes, Mary Janes, etc.) 
I think saddle shoes and Mary Janes are awesome. Yeah Mary Janes' can cut your leg line and make short people look shorter, but they're also cute. I also like WhoWhatWear's suggested pointy toe shoes and espadrilles.  

4. Any and all tube tops.
I think that if you've got rockin' arms and your over 30, then go for it; but as for myself and the rest of us, tube tops are now shelved in the underwear category.

5. Your old denim mini-skirts.
I don't think I've owned a denim mini-skirt past the age of 8.

6. Your "body con" dress once exclusively reserved for "going out".
I've never been a fan of the "body con" dress as I don't like clothes that cling to my hips.

7. Any fast-fashion pieces that you never, ever wear. 
I recently got rid of a lot of my old, unworn fast-fashion pieces in my "great closet purge of 2014" (that's what I secretly call my post-Wardrobe Architect closet clean-out) and I still have an extra bag of fast-fashion clothes ready to eBay. I'm all about having a closet with a few quality pieces rather than tons of cheap, trendy stuff.

8. Bridesmaid dresses
Luckily I've only been a bridesmaid twice and neither one of those dresses fit me anymore and have since been purged. When I planned my own wedding I told my bridesmaid what color I wanted and offered suggestions, but I let her pick out the dress.

9. Jewelry that makes your skin turn green.
Fun fact: I seem to have developed a mild cheap metal allergy in my mid-20s so now I rarely wear jewelry made from alloys. I've been meaning to get rid of some of the pieces that never get worn.

10. Poorly fitting clothing.
There's no reason to hang onto clothes that don't fit anymore in the hope that someday you'll be able to squeeze into them (or conversely someday you might put-on weight). Who's to say you'll even WANT to wear those clothes if you ever actually do manage to fit back into them again. I agree that it's best to have clothes that fit your body RIGHT NOW.

11. Festive tights or stockings.
I'm not saying that everyone should wear Christmas Tree tights whenever they want, but I think festive tights and stockings can still be fun in your 30's if worn at the right time and place.

12. Denim skorts.
Not that I have one but, what's wrong with a denim skort!? I thought skorts were making a comeback!? I don't understand why it's okay to wear a Zara skort or a leather skort, but a denim skort is unacceptable. I think it's only a matter of time before Urban Outfitters is selling denim skorts to college kids.

Zara skorts 

13. Reversible pieces.
I think reversible pieces are awesome! I love their versatility! They're literally two-pieces-in-one. I wish that stores offered more reversible pieces.

14. Novelty headbands.
What's the difference between a novelty headband and an embellished headband? I'm pretty sure it's okay for people over 30 to wear novelty headbands as long as they're subtle and not completely koo-koo (unless the koo-koo look is your thing).

15. Tutu skirts.
I think women in their 30s can wear a tutu skirt if they want.

16. Your patent leather platform pumps.
I have a hard time walking in heels, therefore I avoid them. But if you're in your 30's and you like patent leather platform pumps, I say go for it.

17. Leggings, unless they're for the gym.
I subscribe to the notion that leggings are NOT pants (unless you're a pre-pubescent girl). I feel like leggings can be worn with tunics that cover your bum, under dresses, or to the gym and that is all.

18. Hot pants.
Hot pants = underwear

19. Ultra-chunky shoes.
On one hand if I wear a pair of shoes that's too chunky I feel like they're weighing me down and I start to feel a bit like Frankenstein. On the other hand, I really want a pair of Doc Marten boots.

20. Micro mini-skirts.
I think that if you're blessed with a pair of awesome legs, then go ahead and flaunt them when it's appropriate. But I won't be wearing many micro minis anytime soon.

21. Old tattered sneakers that you love but never ever wear. 
As with poorly fitting clothing, ill fitting or tattered shoes also need to go. Be grateful for the journeys you had while wearing your old shoes, throw them out and move on.

22. Cat shirts.
What's wrong with cat shirts (or fox shirts, or elephant shirts, or any kind of animal shirts really)!? Cats are awesome! I strongly disagree with this!

23. Your sorority shirts.
I was never in a sorority, but I did rack up a nice collection of theater t-shirts and sweatshirts when I participated in high school drama. And those t-shirts are neatly tucked away in a drawer at my parent's house across the pond.

24. Holey socks and underwear.
I totally agree with this but, what about er...um...(male readers look away) when "Aunt Erma comes to town"? You know, when you have the mensies? Accidents happen and I don't like to risk ruining a nice pair of undies when it's that time of the month. I know there are special undies available now, but until those suckers become more mainstream, I think it's a good idea to hang on to a few pairs of less pristine panties for those special days.

25. Fringe shirts.  
I still think of fringe shirts as country/western wear which isn't really my thing so this isn't a problem for me. I think fringe is cool on your bag and accessories, but not on your shirt.

As a woman who may or may not be in her 30s, I have come to the conclusion that there are some fashion trends that just don't suit me and I am at a point in my life where I've tried being trendy and now I'd rather focus on building a wardrobe with a few classic quality pieces rather than a bunch of cheap trendy items. However, I don't think there's a definitive list of clothing items that you HAVE to cast off when you've reached your 30s; I think that by the time you've reached your 30s you've had time to figure out what works best for you and if you can still pull off a micro mini then do it.

Have you checked out WhoWhatWear's list? What do you think about about their selections? How do you stack up? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. These are quite amusing! While I definitely agree with some of them, you're right, this isn't a definitive list.



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