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Friday, July 11, 2014
The Leather Fanny Pack is one of the newest blogs that I am following, written by 22 year-old Raissa who has great rocker/glam/chic style. Definitely check out her blog.
Anyways, The Leather Fanny Pack recently received a "Liebster Award" and in response she posted 11 questions for her readers to answer, so I thought I'd post my response.
  1. A DIY you’ve always wanted to try?

  • Glass blowing; weaving; mixing drinks; sewing my own wardrobe.
2.  Does your heritage or upbringing influence your style?
  • I don't really think so. My heritage is pretty typical Caucasian-American: German, English, and a tiny bit Dutch and Native American. I grew up in the mid-west (well, more like mid-mid west- the middle of the country) which seems to experience a lot of weather extremes so my wardrobe consists of several bulky sweaters to get through the bitter cold of winter, as well as lots of t-shirts and shorts for the hot summers and layering pieces for in-between. 
3.  What does “ugly” mean to you?
  • Depending on the context, ugly can mean unpleasant, repulsive, displeasing to the eye, spiteful or hateful, grave, despicable or appalling. 
4. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
  • Not that I can recall, but I had a crazy fear of being abducted by aliens in my tween years and as a teen I loved the movie, The Craft, and was obsessed with reading about the occult. 
5. What is your favorite article of clothing?
  • It's really hard to pick out just one article of clothing, but I'll say that I'm still having a love affair with my striped Banana Republic ballet scoop neck top.
similar (Banana Republic Timeless Tee)

6.  What is your dream job?
  • I would love to have my own Art Therapy/ art studio and work with kids.
7.  Favorite song to sing when you’re alone?
8.  If you died and came back as a ghost, who would you haunt? And what would you be wearing?
  • I think that if I died I'd probably come back as a ghost and haunt my husband, but not in a scary way. I'd just keep up with chores around the house and hang out like I normally do, only I'd wear a dress like Keira Knightley's Daily Show Valentino dress.

9.  If you could wear anything with no judgement, what would you wear?
  • A crop top and a full sleeve of tattoos.
10. What do you value most in a relationship (romantic or otherwise)?
  • Loyalty, honesty, intelligence, a sense of humor, drive to pursue their own interests. 
11. Describe yourself in at least five positive words.
  • Caring, Creative, Supportive, Patient, and (lately) Independent. 

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  1. ^^ Yay! I love all your answers! I think I'd also want to haunt my family in a Valentino dress. What a perfect choice of wardrobe.


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