Bye Bye Betty!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight is a sad night for TV. The final episode of Ugly Betty will air on ABC at 9pm (CDT). Sure, the show had it's flaws (like the time when Daniel's older brother disappeared and returned as Rebecca Romijn after a sex change operation; or the time when ABC moved the show's time slot around so many times that we didn't know what day/time it was on anymore), but it was still one of my favorite hours of television.

Over the past 3.5 years, we've seen Betty grow, mature, and come into her own with her style, career, and personal life. Here's a list of the top 10 things I will miss most from this show.

  1. The fashion forward clothes- Betty works for a fashion magazine, so I could always count on her coworkers being impeccably dressed. Even Betty had some inpiring moments late in the series.
  2. The brightly colored sets- The set design was like no other I'd ever seen before. Bright, modern, chic.
  3. The geeky boys- I'm talking about Walter, Henry, Matt & Rio. Who doesn't like watching nerds in love!?
  4. Amanda and Marc- Their banter was hilarious.
  5. The Suarez family- It was nice to see such a sweet, loving, and accepting family on TV.
  6. Justin coming out of the closet- He just came out! I wish the show would have stuck around so that this storyline could be expanded. I don't think their are enough realistic gay teen characters around.
  7. Betty beautification- She just got rid of her braces. If only we could have seen her loose the glasses.
  8. The telenovela dream sequences- Enough said.
  9. Christina- I loved Ashley Jensen on Extra's and was happy to see her (and hear her accent again) on Ugly Betty.
  10. Wilhelmina Slater- My favorite mean girl on TV.
Wednesday night's just won't be the same without it :(


  1. I am too an Ugly Betty fan!
    There's a little of Betty in me.
    I agree with you on ALL you list above, I specially loved the INDIVIDUAL pieces Betty wore (not as a whole), the SET was breathtaking and refreshing, but it is Marc whom I will miss the most-

  2. I know, I cant believe they are canceling it. It's such a great show.


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