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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
If you haven't guessed by now, I am a HUGE fan of Project Runway and have been since the beginning. This week's episode of Project Runway season 7 will determine which 3 contestants will be going to New York's Fashion Week at Bryant Park and will still be competing for the grand prize. Since I can hardly contain my excitement, I've decided to break down the 5 remaining contenders, and share my opinions and predictions on who will make it to fashion week and become the winner of Project Runway.


YAY! Anthony is BACK!

*Spoiler Alert* In episode 11, Maya decided to leave Project Runway even though she'd been in the top 3 multiple times. But, thank goodness she did, because I'd been missing Anthony hardcore and I am glad to have him back. You've just gotta love his funny stories and catchphrases in that Georgian southern drawl.

episode 5

episode 11

I think Anthony has a great sense of style when it comes to lady-like ball gowns and party dresses. But, Anthony has gotten himself in trouble in the past for being too into decorations and being "boring".


I like Milla's personal style and in the beginning of the season, she was my pick to win. Her styles are very mod/ retro chic and I like that.
episode 1

Milla & Jonathan episode 3
However, as the season has progressed, she has not been getting along with the other players and her last few looks have landed her in the bottom half.

Jay Nicolas

Jay has flown under the radar for me. Although he's been safe and had high scores on a number of challenges, his looks haven't been too memorable with one exception.
episode 7 aka. the hardware challenge

I want those trash bag pants!!!

episode 6

From the beginning Emilio has shown that he can make great clothes (if only we could erase that washer string bikini from our minds)
episode 1

episode 10

Seth Aaron and Emilio episode 9

I think that after the show is finished, Seth Aaron and Emilio should make a clothing line together because their outfit from episode 9 is my favorite of the season.

Seth Aaron
He's also proven to be a strong contender. Seth's got a rocker/punk style, he can sew fast, and he can sew good.

Check out his awesome jacket!

episode 10
I absolutely loved his print!

My picks for the final 3: Anthony, Emilio, and Seth Aaron

And the winner is: Seth Aaron- Not only is he a quick sew-er and can make great clothes, but his personal style has shown through in everything he's made, which will make him the judges favorite to win.

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