Project Runway Season 8, Episode 4

Monday, August 23, 2010
This week on Project Runway the designers were to create looks inspired by Philip Treacy's hats. While the hats were fabulously sculptural (and maybe a little bizzaro), the designers looks played it safe and (for the most part) fell flat (no pun intended towards Ivy, who literally fell flat and passed out at the end of episode 3, and was taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration in episode 4) .

Valerie, Michael D. and Michael C. made it into the top three, and Michael C was declared the winner. April and Kristin were the bottom two and Kristen was sent home.

Michael C's look

Michael D.


I agreed with the judges picking Michael C. and Michael D. for the top 3, but why was Valerie there!? I know her dress/vest combination were attractive and well-made, but it had nothing to do with her model's Philip Treacy mask!!! Even Philip Treacy himself questioned the relation of Valerie's outfit to his hat. If it were up to me, I would have put Gretchen's outfit in 3rd place for being well-made and clearly showing inspiration from the hat. I also would have put Michael C. in 2nd and bumped Michael D. into 1st because he made the only sculptural look that was clearly inspired by the hat.


April's Triple Panty Look

Kristin's dress was too heavy and looked poorly constructed and sad. It just did not relate to the hat at all. But, let me just say that when I saw April's outfit come down the runway I laughed out loud. Tim Gunn had warned her that it was looking a bit "diaper" and Michael Kors said that she looked like a woman who decided to go on a three day weekend with three pairs of undies on and I totally agreed. If it were up to me, I think I would have gotten rid of both of them.

Now, how could I sign off without showing you the most bizzaro look of them all!? I don't know how Mondo got the inspiration for this outfit from that hat, why he drew a mustache on his model's face, why he thinks this is men's wear, or how he avoided having Michael Korr's tell him that his model looks like a tranny clown or something like that, but he did. It's just so wacky!? What the heck, Mondo! What the heck!


And then I saw the Stephen Burrow's collection at Target...

I bet Mondo would like this line.

My top picks after episode 4: I'm sticking with Valerie, Gretchen and Any
Bottom: April, Peach, A.J. and Casanova

What did you think about this episode? Have you seen the Stephen Burrow's line at Target?

As always you can check out other discussions of this episode by Grosgrain, Fashion Me Fabulous and CraftStylish and watch full episodes of Project Runway online on LifetimeTV and leave me comments below.

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