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Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Wednesday, Bravo TV concluded their first season of Work of Art (see previous post here). For the final episode, the final 3 (Miles, Abdi, and Peregrine) got to go home for three months to work on pieces for the gallery show. While they were working they were visited by Simon de Pury (the show's Tim Gunn character) who got a sneak peak of where each artist came from and what they were working on. Then, the finalists re-grouped in New York to set up their shows. Miles took photographs of security camera footage of patrons at his local White Castle and created a series of screen prints. His focus was on images of a homeless patron that he'd photographed who froze to death a few days later. Abdi created charcoal drawings, paintings and sculptures dealing with life, death, and spirituality. And Peregrine created whimsical works of sculpture, drawing and painting in a "state fair" atmosphere (complete with cotton candy).

While watching the gallery shows on TV I started to think that Peregrine might take home the prize because she created works using multiple mediums, had a cohesive theme, and her show seemed like the most fun to be at. Heck! It made me want to get out of my seat and head over to the Brooklyn Museum and get myself some cotton candy. But, in the end the judges awarded third place to Miles, 2nd to Peregrine, and top prize to Abdi. I'm not sad by how the results turned out. After all, I called it.

Also on the tube last week was episode 3 of Project Runway. Now the bloggers over at Fashion Me Fabulous and Grosgrain Fabulous have already recapped and discussed this episode with their readers, but I'd like to put in my two-cents.

First, let me start with episode 2. Episode 2 was the Marie Claire challenge. The contestant's were given $150 to complete a look for the Marie Claire woman and the winning look would be displayed on a billboard in Times Square. About half-way through the episode, Tim Gunn came out and announce an extra twist- that the designers have to style and direct a photo shoot of their looks. In the end, Gretchen's jumpsuit was the winner and Jason's "infinity symbol" dress and Nicholas's "circle cape" outfit were out in a double-elimination.

I must say that I was pleased that Gretchen's outfit won the challenge (although Valerie's look would have been excellent on a magazine cover, and I enjoyed Andy's convertible sleeved top). I was also pleased that the judges FINALLY got rid of Jason, however I didn't think that Nicholas's outfit was TOO bad and I would have liked to see him stick around for another round.

At the end of episode 2 my top picks were: Valerie, Gretchen, and Andy
Bottom picks: A.J., Kristin, Peach

Episode 3 challenged the designers to make an outfit using materials from a Party Store. One of the highlights of the episode was seeing Tim Gunn crack up over the "woolly balls" Kristin was using in her outfit. The big downer to this episode was seeing Gretchen turn into a super critical and annoying designer. She obviously let her two-challenge wins go to her head and hopefully will be served a slice of humble pie in up-coming episodes.

The guest judge was fashion designer, Betsey Johnson (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!). This weeks win went to Andy and his origami ribbon dress (finally! although I hope he thanked the designers that helped him finish his dress on time) and although Casanova was in the bottom 2 again for his "over the top ruffle-gown", Sarah was the one sent home.

My top picks after episode 3: Valerie, Gretchen, and Andy
My bottom picks: Kristin, Casanova, and A.J.

What are your thoughts about the finale of Work of Art or this weeks episode of Project Runway? Are you as frustrated with Gretchen this week as I am? Do you think the right people are being sent home? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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