Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 14

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
AKA. It's Over!

This week, was the season finale of Project Runway Season 9. The designers had just completed their mini-collection judging (as seen in the previous episode) and had learned that they all needed to make changes to their collections, but all 4 designers (Kimberly, Viktor, Joshua, and Anya) would be presenting at Lincoln Center during fashion week. Tim Gunn informed the designers that the designers would get $500 and a final trip to Mood to buy supplies to revise their collections. Kimberly used the opportunity to purchase black fabric and accessories for a new skirt, Viktor purchased more sheer black fabric and accessories to add polish to his collection, Joshua went gaga for some neon green fabric, and Anya purchased several black and white print fabrics to create 3 entirely new dresses in the final 2 days. Let's take a look at the results:


Kimberly's attempt to add an additional "bubble butt skirt" was unsuccessful (and thank goodness for that), and ultimately the only changes that Kimberly made to her runway show were to her styling. The judges appreciated that Kimberly had listened to the judges suggestions to ditch the blue wedges and freshen up the styling, and that she held on to her vision and clear point of view, however the judges decided that Kimberly was NOT the winner of Project Runway Season 9.


Viktor used his time to create some additional sheer black leopard print pieces and edit down his collection. When I first saw Vikor's collection I thought he was the clear winner, despite the fact that I would never really wear any of the sheer, T and A exposing outfits. But, the judges reported that they felt like Viktor presented 2 collections in one- a classy and sophisticated collection featuring his own print with landscapes from Mexico that all of the judges loved, and a cheap and sexy collection with lots of boobs and booty exposure that the judges were not too fond of. In the end the judges decided that there were too many highs and lows so Viktor was NOT the winner of Project Runway Season 9.


As I previously stated, Joshua went hog wild for some neon green fabric and used his time to create neon green shorts, a neon green skirt, a neon green jacket...(practically) neon green everything! After crying on his sewing machine about how badly he wants to succeed at the final challenge and win Project Runway because he doesn't have a job to go back to, Joshua was able to revise his jumper/dress look as the judges advised. On the judging panel, the judges all stated that they were clearly impressed by Joshua's collection, they felt that he had undergone a great transformation, and there were several pieces in his collection that the judges loved. Nina Garcia even reported that Joshua had a wealth of ideas! The judges clearly saw Josh's collection as a serious contender for the win, however the judges ultimately decided that Joshua was NOT the winner of Season 9.


Anya used her final 2 days to weed out the 2 mini-collection looks that they judges were not thrilled about and replaced them with 3 all new flowy, black and white printed dresses with V necks with plunging necklines. Before sending her collection down the Runway, Anya appeared to be saying her good-bye's to Tim Gunn, telling him that she had enjoyed the experience and had truly undergone a transformation as a designer, but she is still struggling to figure out who she is as a designer at the same time. But, it was not to be Anya's farewell as the judges decided that Anya was the clear winner of Project Runway with her eye for prints and flair for light and breezy clothing, and ability to quickly sew garments and think on her feet. Anya was also awarded with the Project Runway Fan Favorite win.

I bet Joshua is having an aneurysm!

Did you catch the Project Runway season finale. Do you think the right person won? Were you cheering for another Project Runway designer? Let me know in the comments below.

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