Previously on Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 14

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Previously on Project Runway, the final four designers showed off their collections at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. But, before they hit the runway, Tim Gunn took the designers on a final trip to Mood so the designers could grab some more fabric and notions in an attempt to save their collections. The runway looks were judged with the assistance of Jennifer Hudson. Let's take a look at the designs:

Christopher described his collection as "Constructed and Deconstructed" and featured a print of his mother's neck x-ray. After presenting 3 leather/print outfits with short bottoms, Christopher used his final days tweaking his whole collection. On the runway, Christopher appeared to have too many ideas and could have easily separated his looks into 2 or 3 separate collections. In the end, Christopher was out.
Christopher's collection had lots of boobage
print and leather
A random pop of blue
Who likes short-shorts
End with an ombre gown.
Melissa described her collection as a "death to life"!? Melissa used her extra time to add a little more color to her collection with some red leather. And thank goodness Melissa listened to the judges and re-did the styling and lost her awful wigs. Overall, the collection looked liked articles that could be found in Melissa's own closet which made it expected and predicable, and Melissa's white dress that caused her model to shimmy her way down the runway was unforgivable. Melissa was not the winner this season.

Melissa cut off the cuffs and re-styled the jacket with much improvement.
Hello side-boob!
This dress caused Melissa's model to have to shimmy and was unforgivable. Why didn't she put a slit in it?
A great ending to an otherwise ho-hum collection.
Fabio described his collection as "Cosmic Tribalism." Fabio's use of pastel color in his collection and his light bo-hoiness was a stark contrast to the other collections. I also thought that Fabio's collection appeared to be the most avaunt-guard and really showed off Fabio's aesthetic as well as how much Fabio has grown as a designer. I knew the judges would have a tough time deciding between Fabio and Dmitry. Ultimately I worried that this collection was so much like Fabio's own fashion sense and so fashion forward that I worried that Fabio may not be able to produce collections that would continue to be ahead of the game. The judges also worried about Fabio's fashion longevity and Fabio was out. 

Bo-ho done expensively
Everyone loved the vest
This is such a Fabio outfit!
Fabio goes chic

Dmitry's collection was inspired by architecture and the New York City skyline. Dmitry listened to the judges and changed his model's styling to help them appear younger (although I didn't exactly LOVE the crazy eyebrows and tin foil pony tails). Dmitry's collection definitely had some wow moments and everything was expertly made and looked expensive. Many of his clothes showed hints of Dmitry's  past life as a ballroom dancer. In the end, Dmitry was declared the season winner.

Amazing dress.
The great cut-out jacket!
How very Linda Evans
I could see a celebrity wearing this outfit
Dance consume-y

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  1. love the red gown!

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