Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 6

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Previously on Project Runway the designers were asked to design outfits for "Mature Women". The designers got to keep their previous challenge teams, but since Michelle lost her partner last week, she was asked to team up with Layana and Patricia. Throughout the show, Michelle has made it clear that she has never wanted to work Patricia, and throughout this episode she ganged up with Layana to reiterate her feelings. I started to feel bad for Patricia in this episode, but when I saw Patricia's final product I came to think that maybe Michelle had a point. This week Michelle and Layana ended up creating potentially top looks, but because Patricia's scores were so low, her teammate's looks were just safe.


Daniel redeemed himself from last week's challenge by creating a nicely fitted tailored suit that please the client and stayed true to his point of view with the asymmetrical collar.
The judges were split on their opinions on Samantha's outfit. While Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, loved the outfit, Heidi and Nina thought the outfit was age inappropriate, cartoonish and confusing. I happened to like the outfit and the client did too. I am glad Samantha remained safe.

Richard created another easy to wear jersey dress. Heidi felt like the dress was hip and could have easily been worn by clients of all ages. While I thought the dress was nice, it wasn't my favorite Richard jersey dress. I want to see Richard show something new and different.

Stanley's look wowed me on the runway. I think Stanley lucked out by getting a tall, statuesque model, but the outfit was perfect for her and looked amazing (despite the judges feedback that the crotch could have been better). Stanley was deservedly awarded the win this week.

The judges confessed that they felt Kate didn't deserve to be on the bottom, but she was placed their because of her teammate. I enjoyed the printed skirt that Kate made, but I wasn't so into the top. Kate ended up being safe this week.

Tu's look was the reason Kate got dragged into the bottom. Tu started off with an ambitiously draped shirt dress idea, but unfortunately he didn't have the sewing skills to pull it off. At the final fitting, Tu's dress was too big and bulky so Kate used the last 10 minutes to help Tu hold his outfit together with a belt in an attempt to make it more flattering. I'm worried that if Tu can't improve his sewing skills fast, that he won't make it very far in this competition.
Amanda found herself back in the bottom with a poorly selected printed fabric and a poorly designed dress. She found her outfit going from bad to worse when she discovered that she didn't have enough fabric to create sleeves and when she tried to make a last minute decision to alter the shape of the skirt without enough time to execute it. I really thought that Amanda was going to be shown the door this week, and was surprised to see that she was saved.
Amanda's teammate, Benjamin, also found himself on the bottom again. Despite having the cutest model and having pleased his client, Benjamin did have some construction issues as his sleeves were too tight and his fabric appeared a bit overworked. I didn't expect Benjamin to be kicked off this week. I think maybe this was a case of Benjamin having spent one too many weeks on the bottom.
What did you think of this week's challenge. Did you agree with the judges decision of who was in/out? Let me know in the comments below.

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