Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 9

Thursday, March 28, 2013
AKA. Oh my Lord and Taylor!

Previously on Project Runway the designers were split into teams of 2 (and one team of 3) and were asked to design a Spring 2013 look for Lord and Taylor inspired by the rose. The winning look would be sold in Lord and Taylor stores. While I was please to see some interesting pairings like Michelle and Daniel, I was disappointed that the judges (ahem, producers) didn't separate Richard, Layana and Samantha. Let's take a look at the designs.


There was tension early on between Stanley and Patricia as Stanley kept offering Patricia alternative ways to create her garment rather than her way, and Stanley kept reminding Patricia that he doesn't like to loose. Frankly, I thought Stanley's dress was looking rather boring while he was criticizing Patricia. In the end, Stanley and Patricia ended up making amends and the pair were safe.

Daniel lost his marbles during this episode after he asked Michelle her opinion on his short suit made of pink fabric suit. When she asked him to consider whether a 21 year old would buy his outfit, Daniel became a dithering idiot and repeatedly muttered that he didn't design for 21 year olds. Luckily he got his head on straight for day 2 and decided to change his suit into a dress- which still wasn't great. But lucky for him, Michelle's outfit was so great that it kept him on top.
Michelle was the clear winner of this episode. Originally Michelle had her heart set on creating a rain vest with the complimentary dress underneath as an afterthought. When Tim Gunn came into the workroom, he set Michelle straight and told her to ditch the vest and focus on the dress. The judges loved the dress and awarded her with the win. Her dress sold out online in one day.


I kind of feel like Richard, Layana, and Samatha were set up to fail since they worked so poorly together in the previous episode and they weren't separated for this challenge. Altogether their looks weren't bad, but they could have been better. Richard created another one of his easy to wear color-block dresses like we've seen below. In my opinion, he should have been out for his lack of creativity and inability to take constructive criticism and stop making dagger eyes at Layana, but the judges kept him safe.
Layana's dress had a great design but ended up in the bottom due to the lousy print she chose. She was obviously NOT out.
Samantha knew that Lord and Taylor was trying to attract a younger market and tried to target that market with her dress. While her outfit was creative and had a clear point of view, the judges were unsure if this was the dress that would launch Lord and Taylor into junior wear. In the end, the judges were split between eliminating Richard for lack of creativity or Samantha for missing the mark and in the end they sent Samantha packing.
I was really sad to see Samantha leave this week because I thought she had a shot at making the final 3 with her fun point of view. At this point I think the final 3 will probably be Stanley, Daniel and Michelle. What did you think of this week's episode? Did you agree with the judges? Who are your picks for the final 3? Let me know in the comments below.

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